How To Choose Accessories that Reflect Your Personality

The pearl earrings, the silver necklace, the beaded hair band, the platinum bracelet, the watch; these are all accessories that people normally wear every single day.  Typically, people usually wear or add certain accessories to their get up either to enhance the overall look and image or to express their true selves.  Yes, the right accessories can bring out your personality.  This is why most people are taught to look at what people wear to find out little tidbits about the true person behind the fashionable façade.  Sherlock Holmes was good at it and so should you as well.  Anyway, when you want to exude a certain image, you will always turn to accessories.  This being the case, it is important to match the accessories to the personality or image you want other people to perceive.  Here are some tips on how to do just that.

  • Know what you want to express.  Before proceeding with the selection, it will be critical to know the kind of image you want to exude.  Do you want to say that you are confident with a tinge of class?  Do you want to appear artsy?  Do you want to seem like the intellectual but cool type of person?  Do you want to appear the athletic and suave type?  Determining your image and what you want others to perceive about you will dictate the kind of accessories you will need to wear, style, color, and design.
  • Consider colors.  While most people consider purchasing high end accessories to achieve a certain look or image, this is really not necessary since picking the right color accessory can be the difference you need.  For instance, if you want to combine class, sophistication, and confidence, then going with black accessories will be a veritable option.  If you are looking for the smart casual image, then going with blue and green accessories is definitely the smart choice.
  • Consider design and style.  The design and style of each accessory you plan to wear is critical if you want to exude a particular image.  For instance, wearing a lot of accessories with a modernistic style and design such as a belt with a lot of metal ornaments or a set of stainless steel bangles can actually make you image a little bit more sophisticated.  On the other hand, wearing a lot of rugged leather accessories may make you appear a little bit too country.  Hence, if you don’t want to appear like a cowboy, then consider sticking with modern accessories. 
  • Complement and enhance.  A lot can be said about a person based on how his or her chosen accessories complement and enhances the actual clothing he is wearing.  For instance, if you are wearing a lot of black clothing to make you look impressive and confident with a hint of neutrality and you mix it with a mixture of stainless steel accessories, then someone may perceive you to be exactly what you want them to perceive with a dash of sophistication added to the mix.  This being said, make sure that the accessories you choose and wear will mix and match well with your clothing and your personality.

It is quite hard to define the various tips and suggestions on how to choose accessories that will bring out your personality, whether genuine or fake.  It will basically rely on what you really want other people to believe when they see you.


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