How To Choose an Executive Briefcase

Unlike buying a car or house, buying an executive briefcase is a piece of cake. You can even buy the first elegant-looking briefcase that you have spotted in a mall or in your favorite webshop. But if you are serious into buying an executive briefcase, then you should take some things into consideration.

•    Style. Although a briefcase is more for its function than fashion, you can still find this in a variation of styles. There are the traditional executive briefcase made out of hard-sided cases and the modern executive briefcase made out of more conventional materials. There are executive briefcases with wheels and without wheels. Other variations of executive briefcase styles are shoulder bag, messenger bag, buckle, and attaché cases.

Since we are talking about style, you should consider an executive briefcase that defines your style. If you’re more of a traditional, then a black leather, hard-sided briefcase is the best for you. But if you’re more of a conventional, then an executive briefcase with soft-sided portfolios, made out of strong beige-color fabric can be a good choice.

•    Need. Ask yourself what you need in a briefcase. Should it have a dial to give your things inside the briefcase a reliable protection? Should it have special pockets for the pen? Should it have a secret pocket for your extra important things?

Decide on what you need with a briefcase. With the many variations you can find in the market, you surely can get the kind of briefcase that will suit to your needs. All you have to do is define the exact things you want from a briefcase and find a briefcase that will at least give all the features you need.

Here’s a piece of advice: in case you are not sure how thick the briefcase should be, just get an expandable executive briefcase. With this, you can always get added space in case you need some.

  • Profession. An executive briefcase is not just a simple briefcase you carry for an after-work night out. It’s a symbol of your profession—so you should choose something that defines your profession. For instance, attorneys usually choose hard-sided briefcase to protect their important papers inside it.
  • You. Of course, you should choose depending on your unique characteristic. For instance, the executive briefcase you choose should just be enough for your weight. Consider your convenience as well. If you are more convenient with an all-black briefcase, then don’t pick that earth-tone briefcase even if it’s perfect with its features.
  • Price. Say you have found the perfect executive briefcase. When you look at the price, it’s almost five hundred bucks! Most executive briefcases cost around $150. There are some expensive briefcases but these are the so-called designer briefcases. If you don’t want to pay for the brand, then better get a cheaper option. Besides, you can always get another perfect executive briefcase at half a price. Just shop around to see more of your options.

Fortunately, buying an executive briefcase is easy but choosing may not be that easy. But don’t worry because with this guide, you can now choose one the easy way with thousands of executive briefcases in the market.


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