How To Choose Aviator Glasses

Popular in the 60s and 70s, aviator glasses have seen a comeback in the past few years. Long seen as a great fashion accessory that evokes elegance and opulence, the aviator is shameless in its flamboyance and flair. While its huge size has made people very wary of wearing it, Hollywood has once again led the way with star after star wearing great pairs of sports sunglasses done in the aviator style.

While aviator glasses are coming back with a vengeance, not all aviators are made equal, so it is important to look at these various pointers to ensure that you're choosing the best ones:

  • The Price
    As you would expect, these products are just like prescription sunglasses in the sense that they come in a full range of prices. Assess how much you can set aside for a pair of aviator glasses. While the eye wear can be a great accessory, you should be very responsible in allocating the right amount of money. It can be both a necessity and luxury, especially given the UV protection you're getting for your eyes. Knowing your budget will also make it easier for you to choose which design you want later on.
  • The Frame Color
    The frame has to go with the majority of the clothes that you wear. Make sure that you're going with the right color. Aviator style glasses can come in black frames or gold plated. Some can even be painted other louder colors. If you're a bit unsure, you can always settle for the safe, neutral options.
  • The Lens Tint
    The lenses can come in all sorts of tints. There are plenty of black, gray and amber tones. Try fitting the glasses and see what works best for your eyes the most. Amber colored lens could be great for those who do day light driving a lot since it keeps objects sharp while blocking out the bright light from the sky.
  • The Fit
    A nice pair of glasses should fit excellently. If it's not hugging your temples and your ears that well, you may be better off not going for the pair at all. Discomfort can certainly ruin any look. If the sunglasses don't rest well on top of your nose bridge, you can always replace the nose piece with something that would better accommodate your nose. You can also ask your optician to adjust the fit of the nose piece.
  • The Brand
    Admit it or not, with luxury items, the brand name really matters. Invest in a good brand of aviator sunglasses to be able to get the best bang for your buck. It's important to consider the level of ultraviolet protection of the glasses. Sunglasses are not only a fashion accessory. These are also necessities when it comes to protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. So it's good to buy a brand of sunglasses that you're sure of.

Aviator glasses definitely look like they are here to stay. Try staying on top of the wave by using the best pairs. Aviator glasses not only make you look good, but the good pairs of glasses will also make you feel good and keep your eyes protected.


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