How To Choose Baby Crib Mattresses

About 60% or 70% percent of the time, your baby will be spending his time in his crib. Thus most people will buy a crib that is strong enough to hold the baby's weight. Some will initially pick the color they want or the color that matches the theme of the room or a crib with their favorite cartoon character. The crib mattress is almost always considered last.

The importance of the crib mattress is unparalleled by the great amount of design and architecture the crib may have. It is all about the baby's comfort. Thus choosing the right type of crib mattress not only saves you money but also keeps your baby in great shape after his good night sleep.

Here are a few tips on how to choose your baby's crib mattress.

  • Spring or Coil? This issue has long been debated by parents all over the world. You wouldn't normally see commercials about companies selling a crib mattress that's why most people don't have the slightest clue about which is better. The truth is, there really isn't a better type. It depends on the totality of the mattress itself and your preferences as the parent. If you want a lightweight mattress that you can easily maintain or dust off, then the foam types are for you. But if you want additional sturdiness and longer mattress life, the coil types would suit you better. Each has its own pros and cons and regardless of those differences, their safety is just the same.
  • Size of the mattress matters. When buying your crib mattress, you may be surprised that there are hordes of different variations in size considering the almost similar stature of babies. Before heading to the nearest department store, always have a note of the dimensions of your crib to match it with your mattress. A perfect fit would not only mean a more beautiful crib for your baby but also a more comfy sleep for him.
  • How firm is firm enough? While choosing the softest kind of mattress for your baby seems the logical choice, the amount of firmness the mattress provides is more important when considering your baby's ease of movement and comfort. Since babies are still on the phase of learning how to move their muscles and other motor movements, they need something that will be more conducive to their physical development.
  • What about mattress covers? This shouldn't be too much of a problem since almost all crib mattresses are made with vinyl covers. The only major consideration when choosing the outer covering of your crib mattress is the mattress ventilation. Most mattresses have eyelet vents, which are sewn at the sides of the mattress to allow air entering in and out of the mattress. The standard vents are larger in diameter and allow more air to circulate in and out of it. Though their differences are very marginal, the eyelet vents cost more than the standard vents.
  • Know the manufacturer. Since we see or read very little about crib mattresses on TV or magazines, the trick is to do a little research online about the manufacturers of crib mattresses to have a clue.


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