How To Choose Eyeglass Frames for a Flat Nose

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If you need to use eyeglasses, it is imperative you get eyeglass frames that are comfortable, durable and flattering to the shape of your face. There are a variety of colors, materials and styles available today. However, it may be a little difficult to get the proper frames if you have a flat nose. This is a common problem for certain ethnicities or for children.

If you have a small or flat nose bridge, there are still stylish eyeglass frames made for you. Here’s what to look for:

  1. Go for metal frames especially those with an adjustable nose pad on the bridge. Metal frames have temples that contour better to the head and have nose pads and nose arms that can be manipulated and customized to provide the best fit.
  2. Choose styles that have a keyhole bridge. Eyeglasses have different bridges, which is the part that rests on the nose. A keyhole bridge is shaped like a keyhole (hence the name) and rests on the upper part of the bridge of the nose. Other types of bridges will not provide enough support and make the glasses slide off.
  3. Avoid plastic frames. Plastic frames don’t have adjustable nose arms and pads so it makes it more difficult to customize fit.
  4. The frames of the glasses should not overwhelm your face. Don’t choose frames that are too big. These will be too heavy for you and are more difficult to keep in place, especially if you have a flat nose. It will just accentuate your lack of a strong nose bridge.
  5. Attach adjustable nose pads to the frames you like. Nose pads are plastic pieces that help keep the frames in place. These are attached using pad arms or may be connected directly to the frames.
  6. Look for comfort cable temples. This is the part of the frame that extends to your ears. You want to pick a style that hooks around your ears such as those for sportswear or children’s eyepieces. Avoid library temples such as those found in reading glasses, since these are designed to be straight for easy removal.
  7. Get a proper fit. It may take several tries before you find something that you like. Have the optometrist customize the fit of your glasses. It should rest high on the bridge of your nose. Your glasses should not rest on your cheeks. Don’t compensate securing your glasses by over tightening the temples. Make sure that the temples don’t squeeze the side of your head or it will give you a headache. It’s better to choose ends that curve around the ears to secure the glasses in place.
  8. Keep in mind to choose the frame shape that will complement the overall shape of your face. Angular frames work well with a soft rounded face. Round frames soften a square face. You can also have fun with the color of the frame.

Your comfort should be primary in choosing eyeglass frames. If you don’t like it, you won’t wear it. Prices vary widely, but if you find the perfect fit in an expensive frame, go ahead and splurge. After all, you will use these eyeglasses all the time. 


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