How To Choose Flattering Jeans for a Curvaceous Figure

These days it's all about fashion for your daily grind--jeans. Jeans are universally known for their comfortable fit and fashionable design, plus, you can get them anywhere at a low cost. But don't just get any kind of jeans because you can choose the one that would give you that perfect fit. If you are endowed with a voluptuous body, here are a few things you may want to consider in choosing jeans that will certainly flatter your behind and give it a curvaceous figure. Read on.

Wearing jeans is the best way to flaunt your curves and size. If you have buttocks that are too full and flaunting that you have a hard time choosing what kind of comfortable jeans you can put on, the simplest and safest choices would be the following:

  • Low rise jeans. They will definitely lessen the emphasis on your big behind, not only making you feel comfortable but confident as well.
  • Stretch jeans. They will embrace your natural humps charmingly. Never wear loose and baggy pants that will simply make your behind larger than it already is.
  • Dark-colored jeans. As with choosing tops for heavy-bosomed women, the same principle applies in choosing jeans for the heavy-bottomed. Dark colors hide heaviness in weight and bearing. Dark jeans will give you a more slender figure, as well as add length to your legs.

For other considerations, the following may be helpful.

  • For the pleasantly plump and petite. To those who have a petite yet full body built make sure to choose fit jeans. Don't make the mistake of going for baggy jeans or straight cut jeans that do nothing but emphasize on your short but chubby size. It will make your legs look shorter and do nothing for your shape.
  • The solution to a big butt and short legs. Another quick fashion fix you can go for when you know you have shorter legs would be wearing capri pants, or jeans that would show some of your leg area to create the illusion of longer legs. You may also wear jeans or pants with vertical stripes to make that same illusion. Horizontal stripes will simply make your already big behind enormous.
  • For a shapely butt and supermodel legs. For those people with beautiful long legs, the best fit for you is the classic skinny jeans. It would definitely give emphasis on the grandeur of your height. However, if you do happen to simultaneously possess a rear end that is too round and obtrusive, go for skinny jeans that have pockets that are large enough to hide your conspicuous behind, but are not too large to conceal your asset.

Bring a friend when shopping for jeans. While you may think that a pair of jeans looks good on you, a second opinion especially from an honest friend would be very helpful. It would be safer not to rely on your own personal opinion alone. A straightforward critic is always necessary.

Swinging those sexy hips makes every woman celebrate life more. If you are one who has natural curves then you may go for the tips mentioned above. Do not just look for comfort in your jeans. Mix and match with great fashion and confidence and start looking good and feeling great!


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