How To Choose Jeans

Having a hard time choosing jeans? The answer to choosing the right jeans depends on the body type and matching style for it. Men's jeans are easier to find and choose because there are fewer variants. On the other hand, women usually go for the longer and leaner look. This helps women look taller and sleek looking. Regardless of sex, people should still consider their body type to correspond with their style. The following are some tips on how to look for great jeans according to body type:

  1. Thick Thighs or Wide Hips. For people of this type choose the style which skims the legs, but are not too tight. Comparatively recommended styles are flares and boot cuts as the bottom flare helps to make the legs look longer. It also minimizes the look of heavy thighs. The jeans' length is essential for people with this body type. The hem of the jeans should reach down to the bottom of the ankle.
  2. Rectangular Frame. Men with rectangular bodies are fine. For women, having a boyish figure will cause a problem when choosing the appropriate jean style. The recommended style of jeans for these women is the skinny type or the tapered jeans because it adds the illusion of curves.
  3. Tall and Thin. Picking the right pair of jeans for these people is not really a problem. This body type would fit into every style of jeans because these are the model types.
  4. Big Belly. Jeans with some décor, too tight jeans and elastic waistbands are prohibited if you have a large stomach. The jeans waist must not be above the belly button. It will expose the big belly while wearing jeans. They will add the illusion of more undesired inches and might grab everybody's attention to the ample tummy.
  5. Short Legs. Short legged people must, of course, go to the style which can create the illusion of having longer legs. Slim-fit styles with very straight vertical lines, a slight flare, or high waist jeans are the recommended jeans for this type of person.
  6. Pear Shape. People with big bottoms should avoid excessive embellishments. However, without pockets, attention could still be focused to that big bottom. To effectively camouflage the big butt, choose the jeans with long and wide pockets with vertical seams - helps to look longer instead of wider. Low-rise jeans and those with flare by the ankle will make a flatter bottom.

Knowing how to choose jeans helps people look their best. All of us have strong and weak parts of our bodies that we favor or despise. Learn to flatter your good points and the undesired traits will go unnoticed by others.


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