How To Choose Man Bags

A increasingly popular trend.

Men have things they need to carry around, too. Why is it that only women have a device to do this with? Wallet, cell phone, reading glasses, laptop, keys, sunglasses, camera, comb, breath mints, is way too much for the pockets! 

Step 1

Finding the right size. You bag needs to fit your body, this rule is used for women also, but it should be followed more carefully by men as well. If you are a very petite man, a smaller bag is what you need. If you are big and round, a large bag will look okay with you. For most men, a small duffle-bag-sized bag will be right. Nothing too long or too tall. You do not need to stand out with your bag.  For men, bags are functional, for women, bags are a statement.

Step 2

Find the right style. There are a lot of styles out there--just remember to keep it simple. Other than that, the choice is completely up to you.

  • The messenger-style bag is mostly geared towards younger men. This is the type that has a single diagonal strap across the chest and hangs at your side. This is good for students and hipsters.
  • The duffle bag is a classic, but try to keep is a non-athletic as possible when not being used at the gym. This type is good because they hold a lot and the two handles can be hung from your shoulder or carried in your hands.
  • Cotton shopping bag: This style is perfect for the artist, with the appearance of a plastic shopping bag, but made in actual fabric.  It can have an interesting graphic printed on the front for some eye appeal.
  • Carry-on bag: Derived from airline carry-on bags, these bags, which can only be carried in your hand and not slung over your shoulder, are perfect for the young professional.  They hold laptops, books and binders well and usually come in classic leather.

Step 3

Find a fit for you.  No matter what style of bag, make sure it is simple. Dark leather, solid color fabric or something similar is your best bet. Nothing flashy or overly decorated. Nothing super trendy and nothing overly noticeable (unless you're going for the metrosexual look). 

Remember, this is not a purse and don't let people call it that. This is simple a functional way to carry items you need throughout the day.


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