How To Choose Motorcycle Leather Gloves

There are so many motorcycle leather gloves out there. The question is, which is the best for you? Here are some ways to help potential buyers like you choose the best motorcycle gloves.

1. Consider what it's made of.

Although cow-hide and other kinds of leather are available, most premium motorcycle leather gloves are made of deerskin, buffalo hide and elk. Some of the advantages of using deerskin, buffalo hide and elk material include their tendency to conform to the shape of your hand to ensure the best fit; their water-repellent properties; their low tendency to be stretched; their high resistance to abrasion; and their natural softness and luxuriousness to the touch. They could also be safely hand-washed and air-dried.

2. Consider what style would suit you best.

There are many styles available. It's important to know what would suit you based on how the usual circumstances of your ride, for example, the distance, the location, and the season, among others. You could choose gauntlet gloves (those that extend about 4 inches from the wrist) to best protect your hands and wrists from injury; fingerless gloves if you want to best enjoy summer rides and if you find it hard gripping the handles with full-fingered gloves; classic driving gloves if you want to have adequate protection for your hands without the constraint that gauntlet gloves might bring about.

If you feel that black gloves are too boring, you could choose from the wide assortment of commercially-available colors. Not only will color be aesthetically pleasing and unique, it would likely provide you with extra visibility. Women's hands are different from men's, so make sure that you choose from the available variety of women's gloves. 

3. Consider the features that you would need. 

It's good to know the other available glove features that you can benefit from. For example, you might need industrial level protection if you regularly drive long distances on your motorcycle; in this case choose gloves that have metal armors over the knuckle area, and one made of heavy-duty leather. You could consider perforated or mesh leather for good ventilation in hot climates. You may also choose different kinds of lining for your gloves (cotton, polar-fleece) for the best insulation and comfort during cold weather. Gel-pad fixed on the palms provides vibration reduction.

While in the process of choosing the best leather gloves, you could opt to search the Internet for different brands of gloves, including a list of importer and exporter of the best world-class quality gloves available. Know that the motorcycle leather gloves could be in the low $16 to as much as $100 or higher. Some companies offer free shipping on your order.

One last word: when you're choosing leather gloves, assess how they feel on your hand. (It shouldn't feel too constricting, too tight or too hot.) Remember to close your hand to see if it still feels comfortable when you're gripping something.

There you have it! Knowing how to find the best motorcycle gloves will help you enjoy your rides more, and hopefully these tips will help point you to that one perfect pair. Good luck!


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