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Perfumes are used by both women and men for elegance and to attract the opposite sex. Wearing perfume also reflects how the person feels about himself. Like perfume for women, choosing men’s cologne, aftershave, and perfume fragrances depends on the person’s needs and personality. Whether the man is rich, poor, modern, fashionable, or conventional, men’s perfumes can be bought at major department stores or as a discount perfume. The key is to choose the best fragrance that fits the man’s lifestyle and personality.

If you choose to buy discount perfume for men, it is best to search for what is available online. It would be easier to compare the prices and check comments in blogs from men who use top quality men’s perfumes. You can also read reviews about the latest trends and best choices.

Whether you intend to buy from a store or online, there are a million and one fragrances available in the market. Describing the fragrance you want is not easy, but here are some tips on how to choose:

  • For a traditional gentleman, who is not influenced by the latest trends, and is very confident in his preferences, give him woody fragrances with a dry, warm elegant and masculine fragrance. These fragrances usually contain vetyver, patchouli, sandalwood and cedar.
  • Popular for a man with a more modern lifestyle, the fougere or "fern-like" fragrances composed of oakmoss, coumarin, geranium and bergamot should be your choice.
  • For a man who wants his presence felt and to be recognized as powerful, a tobacco fragrance is your best choice. The fragrance is a warm sensual blend of woods, flowers, and balsam.
  • For someone who wants to come across as highly distinguished, the chypre fragrance in men's perfume, with a flowery and woody or mossy combination and touches of fruits, or leather is common.
  • For a man who is sporty, energetic and wants a refreshed feeling all the time, citrus fragrances are the best choice. Citrus fruits like orange, lemon, bergamot, mandarin and petit grain give a fresh, light feeling especially when combined with scents like wood and spices that are more masculine.
  • For a man who loves adventure and has a preference for exotic fragrances, choose an aromatic fragrance. These perfumes usually have mint, sage, thyme, rosemary, clove, anis and other scents of herbs and spices that produce an aromatic fragrance.
  • A sensual and mysterious man would prefer prominent and strong fragrances. These strong oriental fragrances are usually used by men in the evening and have a combined fragrance of woody essences, spices, and vanilla.
  • For someone warm, caring and fun-loving, a lavender fragrance is the top choice. This fragrance has a strong scent of a fresh flower and is often combined with woods and fougere.

Similar scents, essences and fragrances may be available for men's cologne, aftershave and even some women’s perfume. Before making a purchase, it would help to check on the latest trends and reviews on old and new fragrances. Whether you buy the perfume as a men’s discount perfume or at its regular price, it is important that in choosing the right perfume, you consider the man’s personality, lifestyle and personal preference.


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