How To Choose Strapless Gowns for Your Body Size

Strapless gowns are dresses that do not have any straps attached to the shoulders. Strapless dresses are normally worn by women to high fashion parties. For more casual attire, there are strapless shirts which go well with denim skirts, gowns and even bikinis and undergarments. A strapless gown is a favorite for most women. It is an excellent dress for formal and less formal events. Slim and plus size women wear strapless gowns because it gives women a sense of sexiness and elegance. Choosing a strapless gown can be tricky - especially if there are a lot of gowns to choose from. You have to consider your body type.

If you need to buy a new strapless gown, here are some tips to help you choose a strapless gown for your body size.

The first thing that you need to know is your body type. Females have different body sizes and shapes. Check first what shape you are. There are usually four types of female body shapes.

  • Pear shaped women have narrow shoulders and fuller hips. The measurement of their bust is smaller than their hips. For ladies who have this type of body, a strapless gown is an excellent choice. Women who have this shape can emphasize their best assets like their arms, neck and bust. Empire, a-line or princess cut strapless gowns are good for pear shaped women.
  • Woman who have wide shoulders and bust, but with narrow hips, arms and legs are apple shaped. The upper body of an apple shaped woman is bigger than the bottom part. A strapless gown also looks good with this kind of shape. It will emphasize the legs, the arms and the hips. Empire style and a-line cut strapless gowns will also look good for this body shape.
  • Rectangular shaped women are often slim and tall. The best strapless gown for this shape is something that is figure hugging like a corset-type gown. You can also choose a gown that has built-in boning for proper body fit. Mermaid style gowns best suit this shape.
  • The last body shape is the hourglass shape. An hourglass body shaped woman has broad shoulders, fuller legs and hips with a small waistline. Gowns that draw attention to the waist are well suited for this body shape. Strapless gowns that will look good with this type will be a-line, sheath and princess cuts.

Buying the right strapless gown for your size will make you more comfortable and confident. It doesn't matter if the gown is from a designer store like Ella Moss or DKNY or something that you purchased from a local boutique. What matters is that you feel good and look good in what you wear.


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