How To Choose the Right Thong

Spring break is here once again! Time to get those super-sexy shorts, skirts and bathing suits out of the closet and into you bag and head for the beach and party! But wait, do you have the perfect thong to go with your outfits? What?! No thong? Come on then, it's time to find you a thong. 

Why wear a thong? Thongs are the best things to wear during spring break for a number of reasons. One, they go well with whatever skimpy outfit you are wearing. Two, in case you want to swim and don’t have a bathing suit with you, you would want to be caught wearing a thong rather your oh-so-boring full panties. Three, there is nothing that can make you feel sexy and in the spring break than a pair of comfortable thongs. 

So how do you find the perfect thong for you? Read on girl!

  1. Head for the shopping mall. If you are buying your first thong, you would not want to end wearing an uncomfortable thong that you bought online because you are too embarrassed to shop for one. Go to a retail shop of Victoria's Secret, Frederick's of Hollywood, and Lane Bryant because they have a wide selection of thongs. Or, you can just go to the lingerie section of any department store for cheaper thong selections.
  2. Decide which thong style you want. Yes, there are different kinds of thongs depending on the coverage they provide. A G-string, the skimpiest of all, has no waist band and provides the smallest coverage among all thongs.  A T-string has a wide waistband that forms a T-shape in the back. A  V-string has no waistband but has a wider coverage than a G-string at the back that forms a V figure. A tanga, the thong of choice if you want to go swimming, provides the most coverage of all thongs but is skimpier than a bikini.
  3. Try a thong out. Thongs can be really uncomfortable and itchy. Don't just buy a thong because it's cute choose a thong that fits you well and does not feel itchy. If it feels itchy the first time you tried it once, then it's going to feel itchy the next time you wear it. But before you try a thong out, ask the sales attendant for the best way to do that. Some stores do not allow customers to try out thongs for hygienic reasons. You know what I mean.
  4. Do not hoard thongs. It's very easy to get carried away and buy several thongs once you're in the lingerie shop. But you do not want to be saddled with thongs that you would not wear because you’re not comfortable wearing them. The best way to go about it is to buy a thong, wear it all day, and make a decision whether this thong is right for you. Only then can you head back to the store to buy more. 

Now go buy that thong and enjoy the rest of your spring break in them!


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