How To Clean a Burberry Purse

For women, a purse is more than just a simple accessory. Not only can a properly chosen purse complement an outfit, but it is also used to hold a woman’s most personal and in demand items, ranging from the organizer, the lipstick tube, the cell phone, and other necessities. With daily use, however, your purse will need maintenance and cleaning. Here’s how you can clean your delicate Burberry purse and make it look like new.

Determine the type of material. The first step is to determine the type of materials that are used in your Burberry bag. Canvas, for example, will be cleaned differently from materials such as plastics and leather. The lining of the bag should also be cleaned differently compared to the outside of the bag. The next time you purchase a new Burberry purse, ask the sales clerks about the materials used in the bag and how to best clean these.

Baby wipes. For general cleaning, one of the little secrets for cleaning a Burberry purse is a baby wipes. Baby wipes come with a gentle solution of cleaning agents and moisturizers that will remove the dirt and dust stains in the bag easily and without distressing the canvas fabric. The baby wipes will not leave watermarks on the Burberry purse and will not require you to dry the purse afterwards. It can also be used on synthetic materials such as plastics, and natural materials such as leather.

Removing stains. If you have a stained Burberry purse from inks in pens that you have placed inside the bag, you can treat the stain spots using rubbing alcohol. Take cotton buds and dip the tip of the cotton buds in the alcohol. You can then use this for spot treatment in the Burberry bag. Repeat the procedure as necessary until the stain has been fully removed. One of the advantages of using a cotton bud is that it will not push the stain onto larger areas in the Burberry purse.

Using gentle cleansers. Gentle cleaners can also be used to treat heavily soiled Burberry bags that are made from canvas and textiles. Woolite and other gentle cleaners that can be used for treating pantyhose and stockings are ideal, since these will not harm the materials in the Burberry purse. As much as possible, however, avoid washing the entire bag in water too many times, even if the purse is made from washable materials. Too much washing and drying can shrink the purse or alter its size.

Magic erasers. For stubborn dirt and stains, you can use magic erasers such as a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. These are great for bags that have been heavily stained in one spot. After using the erasers, air dry the bags or use a blow dried with the heat adjusted to the lowest setting.

Because Burberry purses are investments, do not only focus on cleaning the purse but also on handling and using the purse with as much care as possible. Use small pouches for storing items that can stain or spill, such as pens and liquids.


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