How To Clean Black Pearl Jewelry

One of the most beautiful and most precious gems is the pearl. Unlike granite, which is a hard gemstone, pearls are created and cultivated inside an oyster’s shell. Whenever a gnash or foreign particles enter a shell, the shells’ defense mechanism kicks-in and it releases a substance known as the nacre. As it thickens, this becomes the pearl. If you have recently received a set of black pearl earrings, black pearl necklace and pearl ring, you probably would like to know how to take care of this beautiful jewelry. There are different types of pearls and they are classified based on their origin and its shape. The most expensive pearls are natural pearls, which are sold by carat. Another type of pearl is the cultured pearl, which unlike natural pearls are sold by millimeters. But whatever the type of pearl you have, it is important you take care of this precious gem.
Whether you have white pearls, black pearls or pink pearls, etc., here are some tips one could follow in cleaning this delicate piece of jewelry:

  1. When cleaning black pearl necklace, be sure to unhook clasps and stretch the necklace on dry towel allowing full exposure of the pearls. In cleaning other black pearl jewelry, make sure you place them on top of a towel to avoid scratches.
  2. Use damp cloth or soft cloth or something like chamois cloth to gently wipe the pearls. Turn pearls so that you can clean all the sides of the pearl. Cloths that are rough and scratchy might cause scratches or damage the surface and texture of the pearls.
  3. After wiping your pearls with damp cloth, allow the pearls to air dry before storing them away. Separate your pearls from other jewelries since pearls are easily scratched by metals or other jewelries when in contact.
  4. If your black pearls are too dirty for you to clean in the conventional way, bring your jewelry to the jeweler for cleaning. Avoid using jewelry cleaner found in the market when cleaning this type of jewelry. The jewelers have a special cleaning solution that is not harsh and will not cause damage to your jewelry. Or you can also use mild soap to clean the pearl to avoid a trip to the jeweler.

Although pearls are precious gemstones, they do not have to be used only during special occasions or when you are in a restaurant for dinner. You can use them even on casual occasions or even on a trip to Denver. But if you will be wearing your pearl necklace or earrings on a date, make sure you wear them when you have already put on your make up and sprayed your perfume. This lessens dirt and dirt accumulation in your pearls.
Taking care of your black pearls is very easy. Just remember the tips above and follow them. Keep in mind how beautiful the black pearl is and how truly enchanting this gem is when it is clean.


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