How To Clean Cowboy Hats

A classic accessory, a cowboy hat completes a Western appeal. Men wear it to show off masculinity. Women wear it to exude confidence. But like any other hat, cowboy hat requires special care and maintenance. Specifically, it should be cleaned on a regular basis to extend its lifespan. Cleaning cowboy hats is done according to the used material. For your reference, here is a cleaning guide for each cowboy type.

  • Straw. Straw cowboy hat is the easiest to clean. Start by running a small soft brush all over the cowboy hat. Use a blusher brush or any brush with soft bristle for this. Once all the surface dust is removed, dip a cloth in a mixture of water and soap. Wipe the cowboy hat with the cloth, starting from the brim and all the way to the pinch (the dented topmost part) and to the inside of the hat. Make sure to apply pressure to the areas with stain. After this, rinse the hat by wiping it with another damp cloth. Then, wipe it dry with a clean, dry towel. The straw cowboy hat should look as good as new after cleaning.
  • Felt. Felt is a little more delicate than straw, so be more careful when cleaning a felt cowboy hat. Clean the hat using a sponge. If you don’t have one, use a soft brush instead. Again, start with the brim. Sponge the brim counterclockwise and move your hand to the crown. Then, run your sponge from the back and to the front of the crown and up to the pinch. Now, turn the hat upside down to reach the brim’s underside and the crown’s inside. If you are dealing with stains, sprinkle special cleaning powder or cornstarch over the stain. Leave it for a while. Then, daub the stained part with a slightly damp sponge. Do this very gently as putting too much pressure might damage your felt cowboy hat.
  • Leather. Although it sounds complicated, cleaning leather cowboy hat is simple to do. First, brush the leather hat using a soft brush. Then, vacuum the dirt and dust off, making sure to run the vacuum’s brush all across the hat. After this, wipe the leather hat with a damp rag. Do the brim first and the length of the crown, going toward the pinch. Again, don’t rub hard. Gently move your rag all throughout the procedure. After this, dry your leather cowboy hat with a clean, lint-free cloth. To maintain the leather shiny finish, apply leather polish, linseed oil for example, to the leather cowboy hat. Pour a small amount of leather polish onto a lint-free cloth and begin to wipe the brim and all the other parts of the hat. Place it on a flat surface after, its brim touching the surface, to allow for the polish to penetrate the leather material.

If you think cleaning your cowboy hats is more than you can manage, you can choose to bring them to professional cleaners. The fee you have to pay generally depends on the condition of your hats. To maintain their form, remember to properly store the hats in their boxes after use and cleaning. They are particularly prone to being misshapen.


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