How To Clean Discolored Fake Pearls

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A set of fake pearls can be a lovely addition to your costume jewelry wardrobe. If your set has started to yellow or has lost its luster, it may just need a good cleaning. A few simple steps are all it takes to have those pearls gleaming again.

Discolored string of pearls (or earrings)
Mild soap
Warm water
Soft toothbrush
Chamois cloth
Small bowl (glass or plastic)

  1. Check the pearls. Before you begin to clean, you should thoroughly check your fake pearls. These strands often have beads/pearls that are coated with a thin paint coat for color and a sealer. You want to avoid damaging the sealer when you clean so locate any cracking or chipped spots to avoid later.
  2. Fill bowl with warm water and soap. Choose a bowl that is sized for the pearls you are cleaning. A longer strand will need a larger bowl. You don’t want to crowd them into the water.
  3. Clean the pearls. Using the toothbrush, lightly brush the pearls to remove dirt and debris. If there is thread between the pearls, be sure to give that a good brushing as well since dirt and oils from your skin collect easily. If the toothbrush is too rough for your pearls or the paint was chipped or cracking, try using a soft chamois cloth to clean the pearls.
  4. Rinse. Drain the bowl and fill it again with clean, warm water. Rinse the pearls to remove soap and check the pearls to be sure they are clean.
  5. Dry with chamois cloth. Once the pearls are clean, lay them on a chamois cloth. Lightly pat dry.

Enjoy the sheen and elegance of your newly restored faux pearls. Occasional cleaning helps the fake pearls maintain their glow--just be careful to look out for cracks and chipped paint. Wear your clean pearls to any occasion.


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