How To Clean Leather Shoes

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Leather shoes don't come cheap and rather than wearing them out and having to buy a new pair frequently, it makes sense to know the correct methods to clean and maintain a pair of leather shoes as long as possible. When it comes to cleaning leather, it is important to know the correct methods for cleaning; it will also help you in saving money, both in the short and long term. To learn the correct way of cleaning leather shoes, read through the few instructions listed below.

Step 1

When to clean? Periodic cleaning is a must; make sure to clean your shoes at least monthly, if not weekly. At other times, such as when your shoes get dirty or caked with mud, immediately clean the shoes before the dirt of mud dries out and mars the leather finish.

Step 2

How to clean? Invest in a good leather lotion and leather-cleaning material such as a soft chamois. Dust of the dirt and mud with a clean shoe brush. Rub out scuffs and dirt clods with a damp cloth and some saddle soap. Next apply the leather lotion evenly, all over the shoes and then wipe off with the chamois or other soft cloth.

Step 3

Proper storage. To ensure your leather shoes have a prolonged life, store them properly, it will make cleaning and maintenance that much easier. Use a shelving system in your closet, or a shoe hanger which can be hung on the closet door. Use shoe trees to allow the leather shoes maintain their shape and keep away odors.

Step 4

Polishing leather shoes. Polish your leather shoes regularly, to keep them looking shiny and as good as new. You can buy shoe polish in the color of your shoes from any shop which retails shoes. Apply the shoe polish evenly over the leather with the help of a soft cloth or brush. Allow the polish to settle in for about 5-10 minutes, and then wipe away the polish with another piece of cloth or the brush. Lastly, buff the leather with a clean cloth, till the leather looks polished and simple. You can do this yourself at home on weekends, rather than paying money to get it polished outside.

Step 5

Cleaning leather of different types. While the methods discussed above do just fine for shoes which have smooth leather, you may need to adopt different methods if the leather is suede, nubuck or any other kind of rippled leather. Specialist cleaners are available for these types of leather, along with the correct materials and equipment necessary to clean these.

Step 6

Buying cleaners and other material. You should be able to get any or all of the various cleaners, lotions, polishes, cloth or brushes for cleaning and maintaining leather, at any retail shoe stores. These may also be available at any chemist or pharmacist shops, as also in places where leather in any form is retailed or traded. You can also buy leather cleaning supplies on the Internet; check out sites such as Timpson, Johnston&Murphy, The Shoe Shine Kit, etc.

Keep leather shoes of all kinds looking clean and shiny, by following the care and cleaning methods listed above. A good pair of shoes always complements your attire and contributes to the overall impression you give out when you meet new people. With regular care and maintenance, you can also save money, by having your shoes live a long life!


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