How To Clean Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite is considered an extraordinary gem and regarded as one of the rarest gems in the world. It was discovered in 1967 in the Meralani Hills, north of the country Tanzania. Tanzanite is blue to purple colored and has an unusual aura.

The famous Tiffany’s, a jewelry store based in New York, made Tanzanite gems the one of the most in-demand gemstones in the world.

Tanzanite is very soft. It is very impressionable to marks made by scratches. It usually falls under 6.5 in the hardness scale. Tanzanite is similar to quartz which means diamonds can definitely scratch or damage this gem. The stone is soft and fragile, so it can break if one is not cautious.

To ensure that you will enjoy your Tanzanite for generations, here are some simple procedures to clean your Tanzanite jewelry. And here are also some care tips/suggestions for your beloved gems:

Cleaning Tanzanite

  • Use mild detergent and warm water for cleaning. Use a mild soap and warm water in cleaning your Tanzanite to remove fingerprint stains, other dirt and impurities. Rinse it thoroughly. Remember that fingerprint stains and other dirt may hide Tanzanite’s true color and radiance.
  • Use a separate and special cloth in cleaning your Tanzanite. This will avoid any impurities that may be applied to your gem by using cloths used to clean other items.
  • You can use toothpaste in caring for your Tanzanite. With the aid of a soft bristled toothbrush, you can use it to clean and bristle out the dirt. Take note, use toothpaste that is non-whitening for cleaning your gem.
  • You can apply ammonia, so that it can reach areas which the toothpaste cannot.
  • Care Tips
  • Avoid exposing your Tanzanite  to extreme temperature changes. This is to avoid any alteration whatsoever that may occur with the gem.
  • Store the gem on its own protective case to avoid any damage or scratches to the gem. Tanzanite has a very sensitive composition and is prone to damage and scratches if it is mixed with other jewelries.
  • Tanzanite is ultrasound sensitive. It has low resistance to sound waves, hence, sonic cleaning may cause permanent damage to the gem. Avoid cleaning it with what the usual jewelers use to clean their jewelries.
  • Wear it only for special occasions. Don’t wear Tanzanite jewelry when engaging in physical activity, such as golf and tennis. Refrain from using it when doing outdoor activities like sunbathing at the beach, or gardening. Remember that Tanzanite is soft and brittle in nature, and it can easily break.
  • Inspect the jewelry occasionally. Check your Tanzanite by placing the jewelry beside your ear and tapping it. This will help you detect if there is damage to the stones.
  • Avoid exposing Tanzanite to the rays of the sun. Exposing it too much to the sun can diminish the color of the gem.

Follow these simple but important care tips for your Tanzanite. Remember that Tanzanite is a very rare gem and is also one of the most sensitive ones in the market. So you’ve got to take good care of your Tanzanite jewelry.


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