How To Clean Vans Shoes

Vans have become quite popular in the market today because of their durability and variety of distinct styles. Originally produced as skateboarding shoes, they now have become a fashion statement among the young and older people as well. The Vans sneakers are comfortable for everyday wear and come in really trendy colors that you can mix and match with your daily wardrobe. Like every other pair of sneakers, they can also get dirty from constant wear. Here are ways to get those vans shoes cleaned up and keep them looking fresh and new:

  • Cleaning white canvas Vans, like any other canvas shoes can be a bit trickier than most shoes. They have a tendency to turn yellowish when cleaned in a washing machine, probably because of bleach from the detergent or the glue that is used for the shoe itself spreading on the canvas material. It is more advisable, though a bit time consuming, to hand wash white Vans canvas sneakers. Fill a bucket with warm water and place some mild detergent on the water, mixing them together until suds are formed. Spread out a towel beside your bucket. Dip a soft bristled brush on your sudsy water and start brushing your canvas shoes. Do not submerge the shoe into the bucket. Continue to brush the canvas until all the dirt is removed from the shoe. When the shoes have been scrubbed clean, rinse them up with clear water. Place them on top of your towel, fold towel over the shoes, and start squeezing out excess water, using the towel to absorb the liquid. Air-dry the shoes. Make sure that they are not worn until they are completely dry. Wearing damp shoes is not healthy on the feet and mold and mildew can also accumulate on the shoe, which will be harder to clean up. If white shoes are severely stained, a little bleach on sudsy water can help remove the tougher stains.
  • When it comes to properly cleaning up a pair of suede vans, purchase available brands of suede cleansers at any shoe store or search for them online. Scrub off excess dirt or dust from the suede. Apply your suede cleanser on a sponge and gently scrub off the stains on the affected areas. Leave your shoes outdoors to air-dry.
  • Vans slip on shoes can be effectively cleaned with warm water and mild detergent. With a brush or a sponge, gently scrub the slip-ons with the water and detergent mixture, continuing to do so until dirt is completely removed from the shoes. Leave shoes to air-dry.
  • Cleaning up tennis shoes can be done using a washing machine, set on gentle cycle and using a mild detergent or Woolite for washing. Be very careful though that the material of your Vans shoes can withstand being washed in a washing machine. Canvas materials. Which is mostly what Vans are made from, can be cleaned in this manner as long as your detergent is never harsh. Leave shoes to air-dry, as usual.

Vans shoes, or any other brands of shoes must be properly cleaned and maintained to make them last longer. If your shoes are dirty, try to clean them up as soon as you can. Leaving dirt to settle in your shoes for longer periods of time can definitely make it more difficult to clean up. Exposing them to open air will also eliminate any shoe odors. So make it a point not only to clean up those shoes but keep them constantly aired, as well.


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