How To Correctly Wear a Magnetic Bracelet

Magnetic bracelets are one thing that therapists would suggest you wear in order to keep positive energy flowing through your body. Although they haven’t been entirely proven, these magnetic bracelets are said to relieve pain and prevent diseases. They work in a way that focuses on acupressure points, and the magnet focuses on those specific areas.

It is important that before using the magnetic bracelet, you first know what it does and its effects. It is important as well to wear it correctly so that you are able to maximize its use. To know how to correctly wear one, here are a few suggestions you can follow:

  1. Upon purchasing a magnetic bracelet, read the pamphlet that it comes along with. Identify which the negative and the positive sides of the bracelet are. Most therapists would suggest wearing the negative side of the bracelet closer to the skin.
  2. Borrow a reflexology book from your local library. It should include a reflexology map that gives a view of the wrist acupressure points. Be familiar with these.
  3. You would want to wear the bracelet on the wrist which acupressure points you would want to affect. If, let’s say, you have stomach problems, you would want to wear the magnetic bracelet on your right wrist.
  4. Wear the wrist in a way that you are comfortable with it. If the bracelet allows you to adjust it, close the bracelet in a way that’s not too tight and not too loose.
  5. Remove your magnetic bracelet whenever you are going to engage in an activity that might cause your bracelet to get wet. Remove it when washing your hands and showering. Doing so prevents the bracelet from being damaged from water build-up.
  6. It is okay to wear your bracelet overnight, but most therapists would recommend otherwise. Follow your therapist’s advice and wear it only during the day. If you feel that you aren’t getting the desired results, you can try wearing it overnight.
  7. If you feel that you need a stronger magnet for your bodily pains, it is recommended that you speak with your therapist about this first. He would know what you would need and what would best work for you.

These tips only apply to those magnetic bracelets that are unipole or unidirectional. These are bracelets that are those used in magnetic therapy. It is best to consult your therapist if you have a different kind of magnetic bracelet because there would be other guidelines on how to wear it and maximize its use.

It is also important to know that if you are pregnant, or suspect that you are, to not use your magnetic bracelet first, just in the same way that you avoid getting too close to x-ray procedures. Doing so could be very dangerous and affect your pregnancy. If you are also using electronic devices, like heating pads, you should avoid using magnetic bracelets. The magnet would cause the device to not work at its best and might cause further complications.


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