How To Create a 60s Look

Girl with retro sunglasses

The 60s were a time of fun-loving, free-spirited and colorful people. If you're wondering how to create a 60s look, then all you'll need is some colorful digs, groovy hair and some wild makeup. Follow these easy tips and you'll have a fool-proof 60s look for any occasion.

  1. Straighten your hair. Simply put, hairstyles in the 60s were large and hairsprayed. To achieve this same 60s look, you'll need to straighten your hair, either with a flat iron or with a blow dryer. And add some volume wherever you can. If you can, add a thick line of bangs or wear a wig to complete the hair portion of this 60s look.
  2. Go all out with your makeup. There was no mistaking the 60s makeup style. It had lots of bold and thick colors. Using eyeliner, thickly trace your eyes. Use a thick, colorful shade of eye shadow. Accent your eyes even further with mascara (colored, if you have it!). Stick to a pale lipstick, and add a bit of rouge to your cheeks.
  3. Put on a mini skirt. Perhaps the most obvious part of a 60s look was the infamous mini skirt. It left little to be seen, as it was often short and tight. Find a mini skirt or dress that sits about 8-10 inches above your knee. Ideally, a dramatic or technicolor print would help you create this 60s look. Anything colorful and patterned is perfect though. Complete the look with a pair of crazy pantyhose. Fishnets or patterned stockings will do the trick.
  4. Find the perfect boot. There is no dispute about this part of your 60s look: you need to find a pair of boots. And they've got to be really, really tall ones with a chunky heel. You may remember the silver ‘astronaut boots' that were so popular in the 60s. These or any other vivacious and colorful boot will be perfect. Make sure that they hug closely to your calves and go at least as high as right below your knee.
  5. Get a pair of crazy shades. The majority of your 60s look is completed at this point, but if you're trying to add every perfect touch, find some great sunglasses. Again, they'll need to be big and colorful and plastic. Oh yes, no metal shades here, folks. Your 60s look is only complete when you're covered head to toe in skin-hugging, colorful, headache-inspiring clothing that is accented with lots of plastic accessories (bangles, big earrings and some fantastic sunglasses).

If you are able to create this 60s look, you will certainly blow your friends away with your costume. If you haven't got the supplies at home to create this 60s look, check your local thrift store or venture into your parent's closest. Come on, somebody out there still has a mini skirt, right? Get creative and you'll be able to creative this 60s look for very little.


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