How To Create a Career Wardrobe Inexpensively for Women

So, you are a girl climbing up the corporate ladder and you want to dress for success. Well, know that it building a career wardrobe is not that difficult to do and should not be as expensive as many people think. In fact, the whole experience should be quite enjoyable since women love to shop. This being said, if you are looking to get yourself into the fast track in your chosen career without having to shell out too much dough in the process, then here are some tips to accomplish both in style and fashion.

  • Examine what you have. The first step will entail you rummaging around your closet and deciding on the articles of clothing you have that you can still use for your career. Set these aside. In fact, make sure to note it down so that once you go shopping for the other clothing to complete your wardrobe, you will be reminded to pick out items that will go well with your existing wardrobe.
  • Say no to trends. Fashion trends are considered mostly fads that will never last. It is best to save your money rather than purchasing a styled skirt just because it is the "in thing" right now and just because you saw Paris Hilton wearing it. Instead, go with the classics, the styles and fashion that never really go out of style such as skirt and pant suits.
  • Black and white is good. Since you will be going with the classics to save some money, then selecting clothes based on color is a wise move. Blacks and whites are good. They are classics and they go well together. A black coat, a white blouse, a black skirt, and nice black pumps never go out of style. Hence, if you are building a corporate wardrobe, you will probably be safe with these two colors. However, sometimes, you will want to mix it up a bit and this is where dark blues and dark reds can come into play. Mix these up with white and you will be golden.
  • Impress with accessories. When building your wardrobe, it is important to match your clothes with accessories. Handbags, belts, jewelry, and watches are just some of the accessories that you should have aplenty in your collection. Now, you don't necessarily have to go with designer labels for these. Keep it simple yet stylish. Always remember that you want each ensemble you put on to be a classic hence; the accessories should be selected and worn the same way.
  • Shop wisely. Since your main goal is to look great while still managing to save money, then it would be smart of you to be practical. Instead of shopping at the upscale department stores and boutiques, scout out thrift stores and low-end department stores as these can provide you with the fashion you need at significantly low prices. Now, if you are brand conscious, then you can still pull off your skimping objective by doing your shopping when certain designer brands are on sale.

These are the basics in creating a wardrobe to match your career goals. You don't need a lot of cash to pull it off. Be practical. Many people are able to dress like career stars without doling out thousands of dollars to do so. You can too.


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