How To Create a Godfather Costume

If you are preparing to attend a costume party and want to look formidable and impressive, then you will need to wear a costume that will strike fear in the hearts of men. The Godfather is one of the most ruthless and fearsome characters popularized by the 1972 Mario Puzo film of the same name. In this film, Marlon Brando portrayed the head of an organized crime family feared by many. People referred to him as the Godfather because he exuded an image of power and ruthlessness. For your next costume party, command the respect of the crowd by wearing a costume likened to this famed character.

Watch and study the “Godfather” film trilogy. The first step in creating an awesome Godfather look would be to watch and study the films popularizing the character. In the film series, take note of the wardrobe, the demeanor, and cool lines that the Godfather character used to command respect from the members of his crime family and rival organizations. When you create and wear the costume, you will need to act the part to pull the look off. Make sure to study the character closely.

Choosing the wardrobe. Based on the film, the Godfather wore two types of suits, a business suit and a tuxedo. For a party, a business suit will seem generic. In this case, it is better to choose a black tuxedo. The Godfather always seemed more powerful and dominant in a black tuxedo. A suit can still be good if you really prefer it. If you do, make sure to wear a black or dark blue suit with pin stripes as this style will exude a mafia kind of look.

Select the accessory. If you went with the black tuxedo, look back to the film and see that the Godfather always used a red rose as his signature accessory. Place a red rose in the front breast pocket of the tuxedo. This should add the Godfather flare to the ensemble. If you chose the pin stripe suit, then top the breast pocket off with a dark or blood red handkerchief folded in a way that a triangle shape will be visible. These accessories will add recognition to the somewhat complex character you are trying to emulate.

Select the shoes. Shoes are another aspect that you should keep in mind if you want to pull off the Godfather look. In the film, the character always wore shiny and flawless dress shoes. Based on the trend, most mafia-based characters wear expensive Italian dress shoes. You do not really have to splurge on this. All you have to do is to make sure that the dress shoes you pick are shiny and looking new.

Be confident. Marlon Brando portrayed the Godfather to perfection by maintaining a character molded by confidence and ruthlessness. To add recognition to the ensemble, make sure to keep a stern face at all times. Walk into the party venue like you own the place and everybody in it. If possible, try to emulate how Brando’s face looked, head held up high and chin extended slightly.

Say the lines. To top everything off, say the lines that popularized the character in the same way as Brando did in the film. If possible, try and talk that way for the rest of the night no matter who you speak to. This should get a laugh out of the people in the party and may even be a great ice breaker should you want to meet a woman you find desirable in the party.

The Godfather is one of the most fascinating characters in film due to its complexity and power. It is pretty easy to emulate the character for a fun costume party for as long as you dress and act the part.


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