How To Create a Pillowcase Lizard Costume

In order to create a lizard costume out of a pillowcase you will need a few things: an old green pillow case, yarn, scissors, construction paper, fabric marker pens, a stapler, green tights and green felt. If you don’t have a green pillow case or green tights you can always dye a white pillowcase to make it green. Here is how to make the costume.

Take the pillowcase and draw scales on it so that it looks like lizard skin. Then, cut a zig-zag opening in the seam of the pillowcase; this will be used for the head opening. Then cut a zig-zag hole in both sides of the pillowcase.  This is where the arms will go. Now cut an opening in the middle of the hemmed side of the pillow case.  These should be between approximately 3-6 inches, depending on the thickness of the child’s legs. This is where the child's legs will come through. Then put the green yarn through the hem casing of the leg opening. This will create a drawstring you can tighten after the costume is on the child.

Now it is time to make a tail. Take a long piece of green felt and draw a tail, then cut it out and staple it to the hem of the costume. Take a large piece of construction paper and draw a large number 8 and cut it out. This will be used for the masks. Put the shape you just cut out on top of a piece of green felt. Trace the masks and then cut out the shape. Then cut out holes in the mask for eyes, and the nose. Draw a mouth or cut one out. Then poke holes on each side of the mask and put the green yarn through it to tie the mask on. Finish this look with the green tights and pair of dark shoes, preferably brown and you have your pillow case lizard costume.

The pillowcase lizard costume is fairly easy to make and you don’t have to have a sewing machine or to get too intricate to complete it. Most of the things used here are made from things you have lying around the house, and a few other things that you can get at any local craft store. This costume is very inexpensive, and it is fun to make. Your child will be the envy of any costume party with this outfit. Also, if you wanted to make this outfit for a grown up, you can - you would need to just double up on the material.


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