How To Create a Punk Rocker Costume

Yes, it’s Halloween and the news is true. Punk is back. In fact, it is alive and kicking. And all you have to do is keep its spirit going stronger and cooler. Simply remember those days when it inspired the well-behaved child in you to become reckless or the mild-mannered student in you to be daring – and your punk rocker costume would feel hot and real and fearsome. Dare to explore your wild side, again!

Here are some fun steps to bring authenticity and dread to your punk rocker-look:
1.    Put together your get up. Start with your shirt, your pants, and your old-reliable combat shoes. They should look appropriate for the part. Then, “accessorize” your shirt. Get a piece of a white felt. Your nearby supply store may have a lot of them handy. The size of the white felt would depend on how much “effects” you want to put into your shirt.

Prepare your permanent marker and begin scribbling into the white felt typical punk rocker phrases like “Sid Vicious Lives” or popular taglines like “Anarchy”. Strive to make your writing consistently jagged. Once finished, attached them in front of your shirt. You need safety pins to attach them properly. Remember to put the safety pins on the outside. You want them to be seen prominently. Space them to be an inch apart to create a good pattern. To add character, you may rip a hole in your plaid pants. Rip somewhere in the knee area. (Now, if you love your plain pants and your pair is really new, go to a thrift shop and get one of those torn-up jeans. You would easily find something that would fit your fancy.)  A dog collar may further stylize your outfit.

2.    Work out your make up. Cover your face with a pale foundation. Make sure it doesn’t rub off easily. On the other hand, it should not be difficult to wash out. Then, get a sloppy eyeliner. Concentrate on lining your eyes. Make the lining darker or more intense. You may also use your eyeliner to draw a few fake tattoos. Put them in your arms. Or if you are daring enough, in your neck. Of course, don’t forget to blacken your lips with a black lipstick.

3.    Stick up your hair. You need a lot of gel to do the trick. The thicker you hair, the more gel you have to put. To finish the job, spray your hair with something striking – pink, orange, purple. You may also go something streaked or two-toned. If you love your hair, wearing a wig a nice alternative.

When you are all set, face a mirror. Practice leering. Real fun starts when you finally imbibe the character. Think, feel, act like a punk rocker. You may even want to play some loud music while working on your stance. After some time, you are ready to go out and convince people that you are a true-blooded punk rocker – even just for a night. Have fun.


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