How To Create an '80s Costume for Men

New wave music, humongous hair style, over-sized shoulder pads, excessive bangles and tight fitting jeans only signify one thing—the creative works of the '80s. The world changed during this decade. People started to separate themselves from following the unwritten rules of the society. They began to express themselves through music and fashion. Unconventional became normal and being different became the fashion mainstream. Everyone loved it!  If you want to know how to create a perfect '80s ensemble for men, read on and just follow these tips.

  1. In order to get that awesome groove from the '80s, you need to do something really drastic to your hair. The '80s hairdo is atrociously big, spiky and tall. Go to the nearest store and buy a big bottle of hairspray. Now, get a comb and start teasing your hair until it looks like a mullet. Put lots of hairspray. It is important that you cover your eyes to prevent them from getting irritated. However, if your hair is too short, you can always buy a mullet wig. You can easily purchase it at the mall or at any costume shops in your area.
  2. Once your hair is completely dry, get a jacket. It’s important that you put some padding on the shoulders. The color should either be plain black or white. If you have a leather black jacket, then you are all set. But if you want to be the ultimate new wave extraordinaire, wearing a lot of accessories is the key. People in the '80s accessorize to the max. They call it “excessorize.”  If you are going to use a white jacket, buy some beads and lots of glitters. Be creative!  Shower it with fun sparkly beads, pearls and the like. You can even put your name on it. Express yourself through fashion, go crazy and think outside of the box. Just wear the jacket with white fitting shirt and you are good to go.
  3. As for the pants, it should fit every inch of your thighs and legs. Fitting pants are popular for men. Open your closet and look for jeans that best fit you. Choose something that's really faded and worn-out. Acid-wash look are pretty famous on that time so make sure you it has a light shade to it. Pair it with Chuck Taylor shoes to get that total vibe.
  4. Furnish your costume with jewelries. Yes, men wore lots of jewelries in the '80s. Put a silver earring and wear a silver ring.
  5. Apply some makeup. Heavy eye makeup is the thing of the '80s so you are not going out without one!  Get a black eyeliner and start putting it under your eyes to create a goth look and at the same time, to make them look big. You can put a bit of blush on your cheeks too.
  6. Wear lots and lots of big black bands on your wrists and match it with big, square-shaped sunglasses.

This is a fun way to bring back the glory of the '80s. It is something that you will surely miss, weird hairdo and all.


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