How To Cut Jeans to Make a Wider Leg

Denim cutting

One of the most awkward times people go through is their teenager years.  It is all about trying to figure out what is going on and just trying to find a place to fit it in.  The things people do to fit in a can be so weird, and many of them become a fashion statement.  One of those weird things that has stayed around is cutting the bottom of our jeans to make the legs bigger.  The main reason kids do this is so their jeans can now fit over their shoes or they just do it because their friends do it.  This article is for those who want to learn how to cut their jeans.

Step 1

Buy jeans.  The first thing you need to do is buy the right set of jeans to cut.  You want to look for straight leg or regular fit jeans that do not already have wide legs or bottoms.  If the legs are too big already then when you cut them they will look bad and start to drag too low.  Also make sure your jeans are the appropriate length and when you cut them they will not be too low.  You want your jeans to break once or twice when they hit your shoes.

Step 2

Cut the jeans..  Once you have your jeans you can begin cutting them.  The first thing you need to do is put them on and wear them how you like.  Figure out how baggy they are at your shoes and that will help you with how high you need to cut them.  First start by make about a 1 inch cut on the inside seeam.  Try the jeans back on and see how the jeans fall now.  If that is not enough you will want to keep cutting your jeans about a half an inch until they fall to just before the bottom of your shoe.  This should give you the desired look you want.  One more thing you could do is add an additional small cut on the outside seem.  This will take the pressure off the inside seem and stop it for tearing. 

Step 3

Cut loose ends.  Once you have made the appropriate cuts to your jeans you can begin wearing them.  Make sure you avoid stepping on your pants legs so that they do not tear.  Also you will begin to see some fraying which is normal.  Just cut those loose ends off to keep a clean look. 

Cutting your jeans is a simple way to make them more comfortable and have your pants legs cover your shoes.

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