How To Disguise Yourself

Are you planning on hiding from someone?  Or do you simply want to create a disguise for the next costume party?  Making yourself unrecognizable is not difficult to do. Here are some suggestions on how you can change your appearance so no one recognizes you.

  • Change your hairstyle. You can wear a wig that is totally different from your current hair color and hair style. Adding hair extensions can change your hair style, too. Wigs and extensions are available online or from beauty supply stores. If you want a drastic change, dye your hair and style it differently. For instance, if you have straight black hair, have it cut off to a pixie cut then dye it red or blonde.
  • Change your eye color. Wear contact lenses that have a different color from your eyes.
  • Apply makeup differently. Use a different shade from what you normally wear. Try bright red lipstick and smoky eyes if you don’t wear makeup at all. Or go Goth!  Goth style makeup will really turn your look around 360 degrees.
  • Add a skin mark on your face. With makeup, paint a mole or two on your face. Painted on beauty marks or wrinkles can also help you disguise your appearance.
  • Wear outfits that you won’t normally wear. Choose colors and styles that are totally different from your normal outfits. If you are prim and proper, go sexy. Go for outfits associated with nerds and geeks if you are the trendy male model type.
  • Increase your height. Wear higher heeled shoes. Or use shoe lifts or heel lifts that you can buy online. This type of height enhancer is placed inside your shoes to make you look significantly taller.
  • Slouch or stand up straight. If your normal posture is straight, slouch. Stand or sit up straight if you are known to slouch.
  • Wear sunglasses and hats. Use hats to conceal your hair or part of your face. Hide your eyes by wearing sunglasses. Eye glasses with no grade can be worn to change you look a bit.
  • Use a different accent. If you can, try speaking with an accent. Change the tone of your voice. Make sure to practice your new manner of speaking before you venture out.
  • Become the opposite sex. Turn yourself into a man if you are a woman and vice versa. Research on the Internet or ask someone of the opposite sex to give you clothing and behavior advice. Don’t forget to change your voice.
  • Use prosthetics. Change your appearance by wearing a fake nose or even a different face. Fat suits are popularly used by slender or thin individuals to turn them into someone much larger than they are.
  • Undergo plastic surgery. A drastic and almost permanent way to disguise yourself is by having plastic surgery done. You can have parts of your face and body altered in order to look like someone else. But beware that if you are doing this for illegal reasons, when you get caught, you will be in deeper trouble than ever before.

People want to disguise themselves for different reasons. Some are simply going to a costume party; others are hiding from certain individuals while some just want to have fun. Whatever your reasons are for wearing a disguise, make sure to commit to your disguise. Change your personality, not just the way you look. This way, people will have a hard time recognizing who you truly are.


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