How To Do Vampire Makeup for Halloween

Woman with vampire make up
This Halloween, be the best ghoul around with some stunning vampire makeup. Here's how to do convincing vampire makeup for Halloween.

Step 1

Start with a moisturizer. Before you start your vampire makeup application, prep your face with a moisturizer. This will help your makeup to stay on longer, and prepare your face for the onslaught of makeup to follow!

Step 2

Make your face look pale. Vampires never have much color in their faces, so your vampire Halloween makeup needs to be pale. (After all, vampires never see the sun, right?) Find a very pale shade of foundation. If your local drug store doesn't have a light enough shade, visit a costume shop. They'll definitely have a pale facial makeup for this gruesome look. Make sure that you apply this makeup on your entire face and all around your neckline. Cover any part of your upper body that is exposed with this pale color. Keep your pale face color by sealing it in with some powder.  A light dusting of baby powder will maintain your vampire color longer.

Step 3

Do your vampire eyes. The next step to achieving your vampire look this Halloween is to complete your eyes. For the best look, your eye needs to be dark and smokey. You'll need a dark eyeshadow and a dark eyeliner. Start by adding eyeliner to the inside of your eye on both the top and bottom lid. Draw a line from one corner of your eye to the other. Follow this with a very dark eyeshadow (gray, brown, etc.). Apply eyeshadow around the edges of your eyes, making for a dramatic effect. You can't overdo this part of your vampire makeup application.

If you really want to have a convincing vampire look this Halloween, search for some vampire contact lenses. These are white with a tiny dark hole in the middle. They'll make your pupils look very small, and give you a deathly  look. It's the perfect addition to your vampire makeup.

Step 4

Finish with some lip color. Vampires have striking red lips. To achieve this look this Halloween, apply a few coats of the reddest lipstick you can find to your lips. Use your finger to press the lipstick in and rub it around so that your lips will absorb the stain. Try not to stay perfectly within your lip lines - it is supposed to look a bit off.

Add some fake fangs and a few blood drips on your face, and your vampire makeup will be complete.


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