How To Draw Accessories in Fashion Illustration

For anyone who is involved in fashion, the easiest way to present clothes, accessories and themes would be to draw them as fashion illustrations. Fashion illustrations are usually commissioned to magazines and fashion school as a part of learning (for school) and for advertising (magazines). Clothes and hair are not the only things you would find in fashion illustrations. Accessories like bags, hats and jewelry play a big part in the total look of the drawing. In order to complete your fashion illustrations, read on and learn how to draw them:

Find or draw the perfect pose for a specific purpose. Poses have a specific purpose. You have to take note what time, era or kind of clothes the figure should have – for example, a woman in the 1920s should be standing more elegantly than a woman in the 2000s.

Choose the proper accessories. Since accessories complete the look, you should figure out what kind of motif your illustration is trying to sell. If the figure wears dressy shorts and flowing top, you can’t accessorize it with a winter hat.

Here are some themes that can dictate your accessories:

  • If your illustration is wearing shorts, tanks, and flipflops, the fashion should be at a beach, a summer trip or a sleepover.
  • If your illustration is wearing a gown or any long or short dressy fashion, the illustration is most likely hitting the club or at a high society party.
  • If your illustration is wearing a suit or corporate attire, the figure can be tagged as an office staff or manager and it can even be a salesman or someone going to court.
  • If your illustration is wearing a sun dress or just a pair of jeans. it can be presented as someone leisurely walking the park or mall.

Start with the bags and shoes. Depending on the position of the figure’s arms, hands and feet, draw a square between her arms so it will look like she’s clutching a purse. Draw a bigger square to give her a bigger hand bag. You may draw lines extending on the shoulders and a small square at the ends of the lines to draw a shoulder bag. Be sure the bags correspond to the hands and arms of the figure or it will look distorted.

Shoes will depend on the look of the dress. Draw curve lines at the bottom of her feet curving it more near the heels. Heels are appropriate for dressy outfits only. For more casual motifs, you can draw flipflops – which are so easy to draw. Follow the curves of the feet and draw two intersecting lines on top of the feet – there you have it, flipflops!

Follow it up with jewelry. Jewelry can be bangles, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and watches. For bracelets, watches and bangles, all you need to do would be to draw circles around the figure’s wrists and add some details. For earrings, your figure should have exposed ears but if you’re using dangling or ring ones, you can still draw them behind the hair. Be sure you know approximately where the ears are supposed to be.

Remember that fashion illustrations are like story boards that you show to your clients. Be sure that you are furnishing your figures with all the right accessories. Add colors, if you prefer, and some backdrop as well to give your illustrations an edge. Good luck!


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