How To Dress as a Vampire

Vampire in red dress

A vampire is a fun costume for Halloween and other costume parties. It doesn't have to take much to dress the part and look great doing it. A little bit of make up and the right clothes, and you're on your way.

Step 1

Dress in black. This is the time to have fun in your black sweat pants or to pick another all black outfit. For a little bit higher-class outfit you can dress in a little black dress, a black suit, or a fitted black top and dress pants. Complete the black outfit with black shoes.

Step 2

Pull your hair back and gel the top portion of it. Comb it back and be generous with the gel. Using your hands, you can slick it back. Another option is to use hair glue or even white school glue, which will dry clear. If you have long hair, you can do a ponytail at the base of your neck or you can pin it back with bobby pins and let it run long in the back.

Step 3

Put your vampire teeth in. The quintessential feature of a good vampire is his or her teeth. It is best that you put these in before putting your makeup on, but they may get a little uncomfortable.

Step 4

Apply your makeup. The best option is to apply white makeup to the face. Use professional makeup and remove it with makeup remover.

To do this use a make up sponge and sweep the make up from the outer edges of the face to the inner face in a circular motion. Make sure you are careful around the mouth and eyes.

It is best if you then set this with clear or white makeup setting powder (baby powder can be used as an alternative, but most contain talc, which may cause health issues according to some newer studies).

Next, line the bottom lip with red. You can also use black eyeliner to highlight the eyes.

Background alternatives can be corn starch powder used to pale the skin, or a pale version of foundation. You can also use red lip liner instead of costume make up and black eyeliner of your choice. You may or may not want to add mascara.

Step 5

Put on your cape. In addition to a good set of pointy teeth a vampire must have a black cape. You will want to put this on now.

Step 6

Vampire accessories. You can choose to wear a pair of gloves (either white or black) or to paint your nails black. Add a top hat for a classy vampire look or include a cane. Have some fun choosing your accessories.

Having fun dressed up is something we all like to do, even as adults. So, whether you are creating an adult costume or a kid's costume, have some fun with it and enjoy the opportunity to be creative and celebrate it by going out!


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