How To Dress Bohemian

Many people consider a Bohemian getup really fashionable and sexy. Among those who dress Bohemian, though, the fashion sense or the sexy effect is the least motivation. Instead, their main reason for going Bohemian with their dress is the comfort and mobility that the Bohemian style gives. This might be a tempting idea if you are used to wearing classic or corporate attire that is proper to an office environment. Take some time to go Bohemian. This article will help you with tips on how to dress Bohemian.

Buy Bohemian apparel. If you can afford it, go ahead and buy some. Buy those long-flowing blouses, pheasant blouses, prairie skirts, sandals, boots, faded jeans, chunky jewelry (especially beads), and natural jewelry reminiscent of the hippie style that took the world by storm during the 1970’s. Or, if your budget is tight, you can simply skip the brand-new wardrobe. Instead, you can add accessories and fashion pieces to the wardrobe that you already have in your collection. That way, you can look Bohemian without spending a huge fortune.

Bring back those faded jeans. Worn-out, faded jeans are part of the Bohemian look. Almost everyone has one or two in her or his closet. It’s time to bring them back to the front of the closet. Paired with a long-flowing blouse and sandals, those faded jeans will instantly give you a fashion style that is both comfortable and Bohemian.

Buy Bohemian boots. Shop for a pair of boots that have the 1970’s look. Such boots will add to the authenticity of your Bohemian getup. They are also a perfect match to Bohemian-style dresses, knee-length skirts, and those ruffled, gypsy fashion items. The boots, along with your clothes, will complete your mark as a true Bohemian.

Wear Bohemian accessories. The most prominent accessory in Bohemian style is the long necklace. Bohemian necklaces are usually made of natural materials such as wood, turquoise, onyx, red jasper, stones, shells, etc. You can even make a necklace of your own. The materials are available in bead shops. Make unique necklaces for you to wear. After all, to be Bohemian means to be free thinking, independent, individualistic, and autonomous. Your Bohemian necklace will highlight that ideology. Wear several layers of necklaces, if you like. Other Bohemian-style accessories that you might want to try are bangle bracelets, vintage jewelry, oversized hobo bags, unique purses, drop earrings, scarves and beanie hats (especially those with ethnic prints), etc. There are many pieces that you can choose from. You can shop at garage sales or consignment stores for fashion accessories that date back to the 1960’s or 1970’s.

Choose Bohemian colors. Most Bohemians prefer earthy colors to signify their closeness to nature. The dominant choice of color among many Bohemians is white, so you might want to keep that in mind when deciding on your tops. In terms of makeup, many Bohemians wear only light makeup or none at all.

Dressing in the Bohemian style means you are interested in indicating your adherence to freedom of thought and individualism. From a practical point of view, it can give you temporary relief from the rigidity and restrictiveness of the fashion trends in the modern-day corporate world.


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