How To Dress Casual Chic

Casual chic is a style of clothing that is comfortable yet stylish. It’s taking a classic piece of clothing and making it your own by pairing it with something unusual or with some fun accessories. Casual chic never goes out of style since the pieces are perennial favorites that cross over from season to season.

Casual chic can take your from your morning PTA meeting to picking up the dry cleaning and be in time for lunch with your friends. You can run to the airport, grocery store or have a play date in the park without worrying that you look frumpy or dumpy. Here’s how to dress casual chic.

  • Have the basics first. Before you can mix and match items, you must first have the basic wardrobe staples. From this, you can build your style and accessorize to your heart’s content. Keep in mind that when choosing your basics, the cut and proportion is key to looking cute and pulled together. Don’t be afraid to spend a few dollars more to get good quality pieces. Your basics should include a one plain white and one plain black t-shirt, dark wash denim jeans in a trouser cut or bootleg cut, black trouser pants that can be worn either in the daytime or evening, a trench coat, a fun black dress you can use for dinner out or instant formal cocktails, a white oxford shirt and a good jacket. Every woman should also own a day dress. For shoes, you must have a pair of ballet flats, a tall leather boot, a pair of kitten heel pumps that can be used for work and a pair of strappy sandals for evening.
  • Make it chic with accessories. The key to making a casual chic look work is how you work your accessories. For example, a pair of jeans instantly moves from just plain casual to chic when it’s paired with a clean white shirt and accessorized with a bright scarf or an eye-catching pendant and a smart tweed jacket. Dark sunglasses and an appropriately sized bag complete the look.
  • Wear good quality and comfortable shoes. To complete your look, you have to finish off your polished style with a good pair of shoes. Chunky shoes don’t evoke sophistication. A kitten heel, stiletto boot or wedge sandals do. When paired with dark jeans, it gives you look an instant dressier appeal. If you want to dress down a little black dress, pair it with ballet flats or peep toe sandals. Make sure your shoes are clean and scuff free. It’s a great way to incorporate a trendy piece into your overall look, while maintaining your casual chic look.
  • Watch the proportions. You have to know your body type to know what cuts and looks work well with your figure. Take note of sleeve lengths, especially jacket sleeves. Be mindful of where your pants cuff at the foot. Hire the services of a good tailor to make a piece of clothing drape better on your body. Keep in mind not to lug around an oversized bag when you’re about town. You don’t want to look like a bag lady. Carry only the essentials with you to keep even the proportion of your bag in balance with your body frame. Casual chic means not looking sloppy. It means you look put together in a neat and clean manner.

Anyone of any age can pull off a casual chic look. It just takes a little time and smart thinking on your part. Complete the look with a clean ponytail or well groomed hair. A bit of makeup and manicured nails are the final touches to your ensemble. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll look like you stepped out of the fashion pages every time!


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