How To Dress Country Club Casual – Women

There are so many dress rules and dress codes around, it can get downright confusing to decipher what these rules mean. Take Country Club Casual for example. A few years ago, no one even heard of this dress code unless you’re already a member of a posh country club. Now, if you go to a place that says the dress code is Country Club Casual, do you know what it means?

Relax! Here’s a quick guideline to help you navigate the fashion maze of learning to dress country club casual for women.

  • Know what it means. Fashion experts agree that country club casual is the harmonious marriage of clothes that are casual yet dressy at the same time. Nothing too elegant, but not too casual either. Think of magazine spreads wherein you see pictures of models lounging in day dresses, long Bermuda shorts and soft linen tops. Belted cardigan sweaters, pique polo shirts, khaki pants and casual loafers are all country club casual outfits.
  • Stick with designers that do American casual wear. You won’t go wrong with Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein. If you look at fashion magazines, you can also go with styles from St. John. Keep the styles and prints simple and classic. The colors of the pieces will stay within the neutral range of khaki, white, cream, black and navy blue, with accent colors of red, blue or even yellow.
  • Go with lightweight fabrics. Your style should look effortless. You should also be able to move around and be comfortable in what you are wearing. You are there at the country club to enjoy the amenities, so wear your tennis outfit or casual clothes while enjoying a morning brunch. Cotton and linens let your skin breathe and aren’t as restrictive as rayon, polyester and other synthetic fabrics. Velvet may be a bit too much for daytime at the country club. For a dinner at the club, you can wear a silk blouse or dress.
  • Use the appropriate accessories. Use a lightweight canvas bag to carry your belongings. A woven handbag or other daytime leather bag will be appropriate. To give it a little personality, tie a bright colorful Pucci print on the handle. Keep jewelry to a minimum, although a tennis bracelet will work. You don’t want to look too cluttered or fussy when you’re at the club. Stay away from jewelry that’s too loud, heavy or ostentatious for the venue. Wide brimmed hats will also work well, as well as a tennis visor. For your footwear, sandals, ballet slipper styled shoes, low heeled shoes and tasteful flip flops when you are by the poolside are acceptable. Finish off your look with a pair of stylish sunglasses.
  • Stay groomed at all times. Hit the showers after a game of tennis or a round of golf. No matter how well dressed you are, it won’t complement your style when you’re sweating bullets on your outfit, or dripping wet on the floor after a vigorous swim at the club pool.

Country club casual means to be relaxed, laid back and yet still sophisticated and tasteful. Look at how the other patrons are dressed, to get a better idea on what to wear the next time you come by.


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