How To Dress Emo for Girls

Especially for girls, fashion is an important part of the emo culture. The emo look can be complicated to achieve. Here's how to dress the part.

Step 1

Buy the right clothes. Skinny jeans are very popular. The tighter they are, the more popular they will be. Black, grey, or other dark colored pants also work, as long as they are skinny. Dark t-shirts are also popular. These should be tight-fitting, with band logos, retro screenings, or slogans on them. Tight shirts from the thrift store with vintage logos are very popular. Items that are checkered, especially in red and black, are frequently incorporated into the emo look.

Step 2

Put a look together. Gradually begin adding emo items to your wardrobe, instead of switching all at once. With your jeans and t-shirt, wear hoodies, v-neck sweaters, or a vintage track jacket. It's okay if not everything matches. Be creative! Layer several different items in different colors. If you don't want to wear jeans everyday, you can also wear a dark skirt with bright tights. Make sure the skirt is not too preppy.

Step 3

Choose accessories. Wear a colorful studded or checkered belt and Converse All-Stars or Vans sneakers. You might even want to buy them in several different colors and styles, or decorate them with permanent marker. If they're very worn, that's even better. Accessorize with a messenger bag, many small pins, and scarves. Pierce or gauge your ears, and get an eyebrow or lip ring. Layer several necklaces or bracelets. Wristbands and fingerless gloves are popular, as are anything with skulls or bows.

Step 4

Do your hair. Hair is one of the most important parts of the emo look. Dye your hair black, or keep the top your natural color while dying the underside black, blonde, or a bright color. You should consider a choppy haircut, with long sideswept bangs. Bobs are also a good choice. If you have even slightly curly hair, straighten it. After you straighten it, tease it with gel. Let the long bangs hang over one eye.

Step 5

Finish with makeup. Use lots of black eyeliner and mascara. Liquid mascara can also create a good look. You can also use eye shadow in bright colors. Consider adding nail polish in dark or bright colors.

Many people into the emo lifestyle take fashion very seriously. If you want to be emo, first make sure you can dress the part. Remember that dressing emo does not make you emo, but it can go a long ways towards fitting in with an emo crowd. If your outfit makes you look like you're just trying to fit in without actually being a part of the emo culture, you might get called a poser.


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