How To Dress for a 60's Party

The swinging 60’s is a decade marked by fun, hippie fashion. It’s a colorful and psychedelic era, and a time of liberation, conflict and contrasts. If you are invited to a 60’s themed party, it will be great fun. You need to dress the decade to get through the door, so you may be wondering how to go about putting your outfit together.

Here are some ideas you can use to help you think of ways to bring the 60’s feel to your look for a party.

  • Do your research. Watch movies filmed in the 60’s or set in that era. A fun one to consider is Austin Powers with Mike Myers. It’s an exaggerated yet fun take on the fashion of the ear. Old James Bond films with Sean Connery, West Side Story, The Graduate with Dustin Hoffman and Psycho are all movies released in the 1960’s that can give you ideas on how people dressed at that time. Think of Jackie Kennedy and her pillbox hat. You can look at pictures on the Internet and get inspired by the look of a specific person, such as Jackie Kennedy, Twiggy, James bond or one of the Beatles.
  • Wear an A line mini dress. Most women wore sleeveless dresses that had an A line cut. This style can easily be purchased at many stores and accessorized to suit the decade. Pastels were popular so choose something in a light shade. Clothes didn’t hug the body during the 60’s, so most women can do this style for a party.
  • Go with mismatched prints. Prints were huge in the 60’s so mix it up. It doesn’t have to match to be worn together. The more free flowing the pattern, the better. Wear a printed tie with a printed shirt. If you don’t want to be overwhelmed with prints, you can also go with big bright colors such as hot pink and orange. This will be reminiscent of the Mod style, popularized by British designers.
  • Have fun with makeup. Part of the appeal of the 60’s is the way makeup was used. Jackie Kennedy made false eyelashes popular. Shimmery blue, purple and other metallic eye shadow was used. Exaggerate the use of black eyeliner to create a cat eye. The focus was on the eyes with a muted lip.
  • Dress up your hair. Put on a long straggly wig and come as a hippie. The other extreme is to make a beehive out of your hair. If you can, wear your hair in a French twist, but keep it light and puffy. You may also choose a puffier hairstyle such as a flip, very popular during this decade. Twiggy made popular the pageboy haircut, which is a short-cropped hairstyle. If you have short hair, comb your hair in the same fashion, or get a wig. Use a lot of hair product to keep your hairstyle in place.
  • Use accessories. Put on a pillbox hat on your bouffant hair. Have a short string of pearls on your neck. Wear white gloves with your little black dress. In the late 60’s people started to wear berets.

To make your 60’s style more defined, try dressing up as a particular person popular during the era. This is a fun style to wear so be adventurous and go all out. You can find outfits in vintage shops, thrift stores and rummage your mom’s closet. Have fun and keep in groovin!


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