How To Dress for a Nightclub

Nightclub event

It is important to look your best when going out to the club.  Dressing like you are confident with yourself, yet are open for some fun is the key. It is also important to wear something that does not inhibit your ability to dance and move around with ease.


Men should wear slacks or nice jeans.  If jeans are chosen, it should be a trendy jean, preferably with a brand name.  T-shirts are off-limits for the nightclub. A nice button up collared shirt is suitable.  The shirt should be made of a light fabric that flows well  - not silk.  The shirt should not be baggy and should rest nicely on the man's chest without being too tight.  Shoes should be comfortable leather dress shoes.  

If wearing earth-tone colors, the shoes and belt should be brown.  For, black and gray colors, the shoes and belt should be black.  Converse Chucks are also acceptable with most outfits.  Clothing men should avoid when heading out to the club includes white jeans, turtlenecks, tank tops, and elastic waist pants.  What you decide to wear is important, but it is equally important to make sure your clothing is clean and ironed.  It is also important to wear a modest amount of cologne and to run some gel through your hair to tighten up your look.


Women should wear a dress, or dressy pants or skirts with a nice blouse.  Using layers is a good technique for women's club wear.  It sends a little sexy vibe to the men when a cardigan is removed to reveal a nice spaghetti-strap blouse.  Color is of equal importance.  Stand out from the rest with splashes of vibrant color.  It is important to not go overboard with this idea; just a splash of color to be tasteful will suffice.  

Choose cuts that are flattering to your body.  If you are larger in the bottom half, choose an empire waist cut to show a slimmer waist and mask your larger half.  This also works for large-breasted women.  Women with the curves in all the right places should wear fabrics that conform to their contours.  Satin and rayon are good options.  

A good pair of heels is a necessity. A sexy pair of black or gold shoes that shoe a well-manicured food will go a long way.  Do not overdo your make up.  Just some smokey eyes and lip gloss is sufficient. Finish your look off with some subtle accessories like dangle earrings and a nice necklace.


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