How To Dress for a Rave

For first-timers, it can be difficult to dress for a rave, as it's a complicated scene to fit into and there are varying types of ravers. For some tips on how to dress for a rave, whether it's hardcore or just adapting your own style, read on:

  • The Basics. There's going to be a lot of dancing, so you'll need to be comfortable. Wear shoes that can take a lot of moving and dancing about, and try to wear breathable fabrics and loose accessories if you're looking to keep your style low-key. Raves tend to be pretty low-key in their location, so be prepared for any kind of weather. Take a light top layer if you don't want to carry too much. If you do, bring a backpack rather than a glitzy purse. You won't look odd!
  • Clothing. No-one will mind terribly if you're just in jeans and a t-shirt, but to get into the spirit of the scene you'll want to stick with a few staples of rave fashion. The most common thing to wear when dressing for a rave are neon colors. These will glow under black lights, as will the color white (just be careful not to wear white underclothes if you don't want to draw attention to that area, as they will glow through).

    If you're stuck for ideas, some key patterns are rainbows, cartoons, smiley faces and glitter. These can be either drawn on t-shirts or clothing, or you can easily find belts or scarves with these prints. You can also buy t-shirts with battery-powered LED messages or designs on them.

  • Indulge Your Creative Side. Many ravers wear vinyl or rubber, sometimes paired with heavy moon boots and lots of fur/feather trims. For girls, tie your hair in high pigtails or spray some temporary neon hair color. The secret to dressing for a rave is to mix and match fabrics, textures, colors and patterns that might seem garish at first, but produce an OTT, almost sci-fi-ish effect.

    Whatever you wear to a rave, remember that solid, bright colors go a long way, whether it's in hair (such as a neon-dreadlocked wig), clothes or makeup. Don't be afraid to throw in pieces that might seem random, like leopard-print or a giant bag. The key to pulling off this look is to make one area the focal point, whether it's an elaborate headdress, or oversized moon boots. Glowsticks are not essential, but they are a timeless accessory.


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