How To Dress for a Rehearsal Dinner

A rehearsal dinner is meant as a run through of the dinner during the actual wedding reception. It is also meant to welcome the festivities of the next day. Although a rehearsal dinner is special on its own, it is not meant to be on the level of the actual wedding itself. As with all other occasions, it’s good to know how to dress appropriately for a rehearsal dinner, and if this is what you’re wondering about, here are some great tips to help you out:

  1. Check the theme of the wedding. The first clue of what you should wear is the theme of the wedding. Is it traditional? Then go for classic pieces such as well-tailored button-down long-sleeves and slacks for males, and a semi-formal gown or cocktail dress, heels, and simple but stylish accessories for women. Is it a beach-themed wedding? Then opt for light-colored, short-sleeved polo shirts matched with light slacks (for men) and light, wrap-style dresses for women. The rule of thumb is that you should wear something very similar to what you’re wearing to the wedding itself, except that it should be about two to three notches lower on the elegance scale.
  2. Determine the venue. Another clue to how you should wear is the venue for the rehearsal dinner. If the place for the rehearsal dinner is at a four-star restaurant, then opt for softly muted semi-formal dresses with classic cuts (for women), and a long-sleeved polo, necktie and dark or light slacks (for men). If the venue for the dinner is at a laidback steakhouse grill, then dress for the location with a light, comfortable dress for women, and pants and a short-sleeved polo for men.
  3. Keep it simple. The rehearsal dinner shouldn’t be about you; it’s the bride and groom’s moment. So avoid wearing attention-grabbing outfits, and keep it uncomplicated. The key words here are low-key, but stylish.
  4. Wear appropriate shoes. The shoes are yet another detail that you should put thought into. If the venue for the rehearsal dinner is just indoors, then opt for regular dressy shoes; but if the venue is outdoors, make sure that you wear shoes with sturdy heels – or better yet, dressy flats – so you could avoid possible inconveniences (imagine walking through sand or pebbled walkways in your stilettos!)
  5. Know the trends. Though classy is always in style, here are some of the trends being worn at rehearsal dinners: pastel colors, particularly lime and pink, and gray. Though the little black dress is always a popular staple, but nowadays it’s a good idea to steer clear of this, just for the sake of originality. Other current trends include (for women) a tank style dress, a simple shift dress, and long skirt with soft sweater.

There you have it! These are just some of the tips to remember if you’re wondering about how to dress for a rehearsal dinner. Remember, the rehearsal dinner is really all about a celebration of the love between the bride and the groom, and so your main task is to enjoy and have fun. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!  


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