How To Dress for a Rock Concert

Rock concert event

Dressing for a rock concert can be tricky business. On the one hand, you want to stand out and look awesome, but on the other, you just want to be comfortable. To get the most out of your gig-going and still look great, here are some tips:

  • Comfort. For the creatively-minded, skirts are the more unique option due to a wider range of fabrics and patterns, but if you're planning on crowd-surfing, leave the skirts at home and opt for modesty-covering jeans instead. Same goes for loose-fitting tops and accessories, such as long necklaces or heavy earrings. You don't want to get those pulled on in a crowd rush. If there's no coat check and it's cold outside, bring a hoodie to tie around your waist and double the knot to make it secure. It's going to get hot in there, so wear a light tank or tee.
  • Style. The simplest way to dress successfully for a rock concert is to wear a lot of black. Avoid wearing the band's t-shirts if you are new to the music; you might look like too much of a newbie. Anything will skulls or fire will make sure you fit right in. Another staple is the studded belt, which you can find at any store. If you get stuck for ideas, stores like Newbury Comics, Hot Topic and Spencer's Gifts are replete with appropriate clothing concepts.
  • Hair/Make-up. If you're feeling adventurous, try a mini Mohawk. It works best if you have short, day-old hair. Take some heavy-duty styling gel and lift the middle section of hair up from the roots. Use the gel liberally and spray with hair spray to fix. For make-up use deep dark colors - black is best, but you can blend red and black eye shadow to create a dingy, corpse-y eye effect.
  • Security. No matter what you wear when dressing for a rock concert, don't wear anything valuable like an expensive watch or irreplaceable heirloom, or something that you would be devastated over if it were lost/ruined. If the concert is going to be a rowdy one, you could fall over and damage an item, or it could get stolen at any time by a pickpocket. Leave you valuables at home.

If in doubt, go with red, black and anything dark and creepy-looking with regards to the right make-up and clothing when dressing for a rock concert. Don't forget to take your camera, too.


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