How To Dress for a Summer Barbecue

Wearing the right clothes for a summer BBQ should be something that gives you mobility and also affords you some opportunity for sun tanning. Clothing that is restricting may affect your participation in planned activities, so it's using wisdom to find out what those activities will be.

A short sun dress is a good choice for a summer BBQ if there are little to no games planned. But, be sure to wear bikini bottoms underneath for that unexpected rise in the hem. However, though a spaghetti strapped dress will give you a nice tan line and cool breezes all over, it's not practical for physical activity. Instead, you may opt for shorts that will give you some rear end coverage for rough and tumble sports.

When you wear shorts, the best top will be something that's secure, yet lightweight. Try a short sleeved T-shirt for maximum comfort, or perhaps a bathing suit top with a fitted bra. The best type of suit top will have a buckle or hook in the back for added security when active. Tops with a tie string are comfortable, but you never know when they come loose until it's too late.

For beach wear at a summer BBQ, a visor cap will keep your face from sunburn and allow your hair to be tailed or hang loose in the back. They also come with an adjuster to keep the fit tight and the hat from blowing away.

The best footwear for a summer BBQ in a wilderness area may be a running shoe, rather than sandal, to protect your foot from sharp debris on the ground. They look nice and very athletic whether you opt for a stylish sundress or activity type bike shorts. For comfort in the heat, the shoes are best worn without socks. However, picnics and BBQ's in grassy areas are full of insects, so you might want to spray your lower legs and feet with repellent.

Choosing the right kind of clothing also calls for deference when attending church events or business BBQ's. So, be sure to know who and what the event is planned for. A retirement party for the boss is far more likely to be conservative than a company BBQ at the fourth of July. Use your discretion and dress accordingly. Also, when attending a summer BBQ that will have a lot of young children, modest dress will be appreciated by the parents.


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