How To Dress for a Casual Dinner Party

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If you’re invited to a casual dinner party, and you’re wondering what to wear, fret no longer. A casual dinner party is one of the easiest occasions to get ready for, and it’s very likely that you already own a wardrobe piece or two that will fit the bill perfectly. However, there are some things that you would have to consider before you take out that Hawaiian-print polo shirt your aunt gave you for Christmas. If you want to learn tips on how to dress for a casual dinner party, read on:

Decode the meaning of casual. Casual is less than semi-formal, and it could cover wardrobe pieces such as (for women) a comfortable, flowy dress with sandals, dressy jeans or slacks, and any flattering blouse; and (for men) dark jeans or khakis with a button-down dress shirt or collared polo. Go with a few timeless pieces and opt for neutrals in classic cuts, and you should do fine.

Know that there are a few levels of “casual”. Remember, casual may mean the ordinary clothes that you wear when you’re going out shopping, but then again it may not. The key here is to consider the venue of the dinner party. If it’s at a restaurant, you may want to dress up a little. If it’s an outdoor dinner, or dinner at a close friend’s house, feel free to be a little more casual.

Know how to up the level a little bit. If you’re not sure what type of casual the party is, know that it’s always best that you come a little overdressed, than a little underdressed. How could you level up the casual, without going overboard? First, opt for darker tones such as black, navy and gray, instead of pastel colors. Second, choose solid colors, instead of patterns. Third, go for smooth textures over rugged ones. You should also accessorize a little with pearls and a classic timepiece; this will help you up the elegance factor even if you’re only wearing simple clothing.

Know what not to wear. Never go for ill-fitting clothes, such as low-waist pants or too-tight blouses. The key here (for any type of dress code) is to go for clothes that fit you excellently. Steer clear of torn or ripped clothing, even if these tears are intentional designs. Avoid wearing T-shirts that pose risqué slogans or those with violent innuendoes. Avoid wearing shorts and flip-flops: these may be acceptable for brunches or lunch parties, but not as much for dinner gatherings.

Keep your makeup simple. Avoid over-the-top colors and stick to neutral tones such as beige, tan and coral. A general technique for looking effortlessly beautiful with make-up is to highlight one feature at a time. If you want to emphasize your eyes, feel free to do so, as long as you keep your lipstick simple. On the other hand, you could wear dark red lipstick but keep your eyeshadow barely-there.

There you have it! These are just some of the guidelines you should know when it comes to dressing up for a casual dinner party. Remember, comfort and fit here are key, and once you have these factors down pat, you’d be free to truly enjoy the company and the food! Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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