How To Dress for Church

The church is a place of worship, and it is just right to want to dress appropriately for church, in the same way that you would want to dress appropriately for an official visit to the White House. In fact, it’s even more important to dress well for church, since there you’d be one with other churchgoers in worshiping God Himself! Here are some of the guidelines to remember when you dress for church:

Go to the venue beforehand. You may want to scope out the church the Sunday before so that you will get an idea about how the other members of the congregation dressed up. This is because different churches have different degrees of conservativism, and there are even some traditional churches that strictly enforce dress codes among its members. The easiest way to navigate through these dress codes is to see the regular, old-time members of the church yourself, or at least inquire with somebody who regularly attends the church.

Think of the key words, classic and decent. Although many churches nowadays don’t really care about what the churchgoers wear, to be on the safe side, you should go for neutrals with classic cuts.

Minimize the flash. Going to church is not exactly the time to draw attention to yourself. Stick to light, pastel, or neutral colors, although colors like gray, black and brown are also highly acceptable. Accessorize sparingly as well, and stick to one or two minimalist jewelry pieces such as pearl earrings and a slender silver bracelet.

Know some suggestions. Though there isn’t one single way to dress up for church, you can go along the lines of these outfits: for women, you could wear a silk blouse or any other modest, flattering top, light-colored slacks or an A-line skirt, and moderate heels. For men, you could wear just a short-sleeved polo shirt, or a button-down crisp shirt, and well-tailored pants. Jeans are common in most churches, although it is recommended that you wear dark, well-cut and well-tailored ones as opposed to torn, shredded, or low-waist varieties.

Know what not to wear
. Again, in many churches apart from the more traditional ones, there isn’t that much deal about what the churchgoers wear. However, there are some key items that you should not wear at all, no matter what denomination or level of conservativism the church has.

Some of these items include shirts that have slogans that have sexual or violent innuendoes (“Kill the punks!”) or pictures; too-short skirts (that is, skirts that go two inches or more above the knee); low-cut blouses (no cleavage, please); and anything that might distract the other churchgoers. In addition, avoid wearing caps or hats inside the church.

There you have it! These are just some of the points to remember when dressing up for church. The Bible says that though man looks at the outward appearance, God looks at the heart. So be sure that with your appropriate outfit for church, your heart will also be well-prepared to worship God. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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