How To Dress for Divorce Court

Going to divorce court for divorce proceedings may not exactly be a fun time, but it’s possible to make it less unpleasant by dressing well. Yes, how you look will be a large factor in how you’d feel and how others will perceive you during the entire process. So if you’re looking to find out how to dress for divorce court, read on:

Remember, the image you want to project is polished and respectable. Go to divorce court, as you would go to a job interview. You would want to appear professional and stylish to make a positive impression. This is also your way of showing respect, and also a way of showing your maturity and self-possession even amidst a difficult time.  

Get some ideas on specific pieces that you can wear. Consult your attorney about this matter. She would have enough experience to be able to give you helpful guidelines. Some suggestions on outfits that you could wear include the following: for males, a suit and jacket ensemble; or a crisp, long-sleeved, button-down shirt with a necktie. For females, you could wear a blouse and an A-line or pencil-cut skirt, or a blouse and dark-colored office slacks. Wear good, closed shoes and a few accessories.

Go for understated colors
. This is not the time to attempt to draw attention to yourself. Remember: minimalist is key. Colors to go for include gray, black, dark brown, tan, navy and beige. 

Know what not to wear. Avoid revealing outfits that show too much legs or cleavage. Never wear torn or ill-fitting clothes, not even if they were intentionally made to be so. Steer clear of trendy pieces, especially those in loud colors. For women, choose closed shoes and avoid sandals or open-toed shoes. There’s a place for these types of clothes, and the divorce court is not one of them.

Wear something that fits you very well. As with any other occasion, make sure that your clothes are a good fit on you. Fit and cut are even more important than style or color. Make sure that your top sleekly but still comfortably fits you in critical areas such as your shoulders, torso and underarms. Your bottom should go sleekly and smoothly down to your shoes, letting the shoes peep out just a bit. If you need to, have some pieces of clothing that you already own tailored so that they would be adjusted to best suit your body type and size. 

Minimize accessories. Again, keep out flash or glitter. Keep accessories to three, at the most. You could wear simple pearl or stud earrings (no dangling earrings, please); a thin silver bracelet; and/ or a low-key necklace. For males, you could just stick to wearing a classy watch.

There you have it! These are just some of the tips to remember when choosing what to wear for divorce court. Remember, you want to exude confidence and poise, and what you wear will count for a lot towards this. How you act may also be affected by how you look: never underestimate the power of your clothes. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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