How To Dress for Plus-Size Wedding Guests

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Weddings are times of celebration. But, as a plus-size guest, if you can't find anything to wear, you definitely won't be celebrating in front of your closet that day. Before you resort to excusing yourself from the festivities because of a wardrobe malfunction (so to speak), consider these tips that should help you solve the mystery of how to dress as plus-size wedding guest.

Step 1

Find out what kind of attire is expected at the wedding. As a plus-size wedding guest, you really need to start thinking about what you'll be wearing to the wedding far in advance of the actual wedding date. Call up the bride or the bride's mother and ask about the suitable attire for the day. Usually, you'll find out that the acceptable clothing is informal, semi-formal, or formal. Now that you know, you can start to plan out what you'll wear to the wedding.

Step 2

Informal weddings still require a bit of class. Just because you're not required to dress formally doesn't mean that you can show up looking frumpy. As a plus-size wedding guest, you want to wear respectable clothing to the celebration. For an informal affair, men should still wear a suit. After all, this is a ceremony. Plus-size ladies can wear a dress that falls at the knee. And ties or dresses can be playful - aim for light colors like peach, pink, light greens and softer blues. If the informal wedding is to be held in the morning, business attire is acceptable. In general, plus-size wedding guests still need to come across as fashionable, even at an informal wedding.

Step 3

Semi-formal weddings require you to dress it up a bit more. If you are invited to a wedding where the attire should be semi-formal, your attire needs to be just that. Plus-size men should, again, put on a suit. And the suit needs to be an appropriate color (no patterns or crazy colors, guy!). Larger ladies should choose a dress that is conservative and of appropriate color, pattern, and length. One that is lower than the knees is recommended. And to dress up your attire, plus-size wedding guests should wear subtle accessories, like bracelets, watches, earrings and necklaces. Shoes should be leather and close-toed, and coats should be made of appropriate material (no denim here, guys!).

Step 4

Formal weddings require plus-size guests to pull out all the stops. Even though your body may be a bit on the larger side, it doesn't mean that you can't show up to a formal wedding looking classy and fashionable. Again, guys need to be wearing a suit or even a tuxedo, depending on the wedding. And plus-size female wedding guests should wear a dress. It can be short (at the knees) or full-length, but it needs to be made of quality materials and make a plus-size woman look classy (not risqué). If you like, you can wear a hat to a formal wedding.

Plus-size wedding guests should dress just like any other guest at a wedding - comfortably, appropriately and in clothing that suits their bodies.


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