How To Dress for the Office

Every time you walk into your place of employment, your wardrobe makes a statement about how you view your job. If you want to impress both your boss and your co-workers with your skills, you also need to dress to impress. It's the whole package that gets you noticed and respected at the office, so here are some tips to help you dress for the office.

Step 1

Wear proper shoes. Even though your new stilettos may look great on you at home, you also have to consider how they will function at the office. If you'll be tripping over yourself all day, or if you risk falling down the stairs you use countless times a day, then you need to wear footwear that is a bit more appropriate for your duties around the office. Choose shoes with an appropriate heel (if any) as well as some grip on the soles. You don't want to look or feel uncomfortable in your shoes all day at the office (and you don't want to break an ankle either) so choose footwear that is safe, functional and fashionable when you dress for the office each morning.

Step 2

Ladies, cover it up and smooth it out. If you want to come across as being a professional around your office, then is it absolutely necessary that you put some thought into your undergarments. Ladies should wear a bra that is fully padded to prevent any ‘peek-a-boo' problems through their shirts. As well, underwear and slips shouldn't be wrinkled. A smooth, contained look is necessary with office dress, so ensure your undergarments fit the bill.

Step 3

Wear attire that fits your office dress code. Dressing for work at an office isn't a time to let your funky personality show through. Your employer likely has a dress code that outlines his expectations and standards when it comes to employee attire, and you should strive to meet this code every day. Especially if you are hoping for a promotion or some added kudos for your latest project, you always need to be dressed appropriately so that your employers won't second guess their decision to have you on the job. If you are recently new to a job, it is recommended that you dress slightly above the office dress code. People will instantly give you more respect if you come to work dressed as a professional than if you were to show up in your khakis and sandals. So slap on a tie and a jacket - you'll be amazed at how well people will treat you.

Step 4

Take proper care of your wardrobe. You also need to make sure that the clothes you are wearing continue to maintain a professional look. You shouldn't wear clothes that are starting to pill, that don't fit properly, or that are too short. All of your clothing should be properly fitted for your body, even if visiting a tailor is necessary. As well, you should always, always, take the time to iron or steam your clothes before you head off to the office each morning. Well cared-for office clothing gives others the notion that you are a successful professional who deserves respect around the office.


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