How To Dress for Work Over 50

You are more than competitive about your work. But most employers find older people not as competitive as the younger ones. Erase that misconception by not only working better but by dressing up well for your age and your work. The physical may be a shallow factor for competitiveness but that could help people regain confidence in you.

Follow these tips when dressing up for work if you are over 50:

  • Dress by the code. Every company has a dress code for their employees especially if they don’t require a uniform. Both young and older employees need to follow a certain dress code. Dressing up within the rules will be appropriate for your work and your age.
  • Dress by your comfort. Moving around to do your work is much more important than posing a good fashion. So while you are following the dress code, follow your comfort as well. You don’t really have to wear too short skirt if the company needs you to wear a skirt. Dress longer skirt especially if you are not that confident to show your legs.
  • Dress something conservative and decent. Older people are expected to wear more conservative clothing especially at work. Younger women can show off some cleavage or wear shorter skirts. But you, you should wear something that will not reveal too much skin. It’s not that you don’t have the right to wear short skirts or something that will reveal cleavage. Wearing something conservative will keep other people’s respect on you.
  • Dress clean. Cleanliness speaks about professionalism. So even if your job is outdoor, you should always wear clean clothes. This makes you look decent, proper, and professional.
  • Dress the trend. Try something new for a newer look. This will make you look more interesting. This doesn’t mean you should try wearing skinny, low-rise jeans or wear a lot of bangles. Look at some showbiz stars of the same age. They are over 50 yet they dress fashionably. There are accessories and clothes in the current trend that is appropriate for your age. Try those that you are comfortable wearing yet will make you look fashionable while keeping your decency.
  • Dress classic. If you can’t decide which dress to wear, better go for traditional clothes for your work. Classic means timeless and being beyond 50 is being timeless. Classic clothes are always in and will never go out of fashion. So better invest on slacks, plain-color sandals, and coats. These should make you look good and professional for work.
  • Dress with undergarments on. Undergarments will shape-up your body. These may not make you look a lot thinner but at least, undergarments will make your body look well for your dress. These will help your clothes fit better on your body.

Wearing something boring is a big no-no even if you are over 50. Being older doesn’t mean you should also be out of fashion. Dressing up for work properly and fashionably once you are over 50 will increase your confidence and other people’s confidence in you.


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