How To Dress Formally when Pregnant

Pregnancy is not the time to settle for oversized garments. As many women glorify their pregnancy, manufacturers also see a new and growing market. That is why you can find a lot of formal dresses for pregnant women—and that is, without looking so fat but fabulous.

Below are some tips you can use to dress formally when pregnant:

  • Show your new assets. Most women get bigger when they become pregnant. With bigger it means bigger waist, bigger tummy, and bigger arms. These may be ugly but what about bigger breasts? Finally, you can show off bigger boobs without using silicone or expensive cosmetics surgery. Wearing a formal dress that will show this new asset can instead focus people’s attention to the thing you really have to show. People will forget about your big tummy, big thighs, and big arms. They will be amazed of your amazingly bigger breasts.
  • Black should be back. Still, black is a good choice of color. This will make you look thinner plus, it’s easy to pair anything with black. A black dress will be very flexible for wearing anything formal. Just wear shiny jewelries and a nice pair of sandals, and you’re ready to dress formally when pregnant.
  • Find maternity alternatives. You might be surprised that there are maternity alternatives to every formal dress that a non-pregnant woman can wear. There is a black cocktail dress and even long and sexy sheaths for pregnant women. Think of something formal, the maternity dress world has that for you.
  • Wear maternity undergarments. Even a pregnant big belly can be shaped beautifully, especially during the last semester. There are also maternity plunging-neckline bras, thongs, and even hipsters. You can be formally sexy with these maternity undergarments.
  • Shawl or wrap. Have whatever dress you want to wear. Adding a shawl or wrap will be a great addition to this formal yet sexy dress. For instance, a silk shawl will be so dazzling while a pashmina will give you that elegant look.
  • Choosing the perfect shoes. There are flat sandals with crystal embeds that can make you look so fabulous. There are simple ballet slippers that will make you look so simple yet elegant.
  • Something shiny. Pregnancy is your time to wear dresses. These are perfect for your pregnancy but be more formal and elegant—wear something shiny. Velvet or gold colors will be perfect for a dress. These colors will make you shine with the new curves you have.
  • Make-up. Your formal dress will not be perfect without your make-up. Wear the right make-up for the dress and accessories you have. If you’re not sure how you’ll do the make-up, then let professionals do it. Attending to a formal occasion is very seldom. Why not treat yourself to a salon and have a make-over that will be great for your formal dress?

Instead of frowning because of the bigger you, glorify the changes in your body. Pregnancy is not an everyday happening. The changes can be exciting and challenging just like now that you are looking for the perfect formal dress to wear.


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