How To Dress Harajuku Style

Harajuku style is the name of street fashion trends that emerge from the Harajuku Station district in Tokyo, Japan. The free form, creative style is popular among teens and young adults in the area.  Due to its free-form nature, Harajuku style is difficult to define. It may be considered eclectic, influenced by anime or manga character styles and over-the-top romance. Follow these steps to dress in Harajuku style.

  1. Begin with vibrant colors. If you were to find yourself near Harajuku station on a Sunday, you would need sunglasses to protect you from the vibrant bursts of color. On every corner, kids are hanging out in this festive style.
  2. Mix and match. The beauty of Harajuku is that it mixes so many different styles into creative combinations. Combine a black suit coat inspired by traditional European tailoring with a hot pink plaid skirt or even a gothic grunge with sunshine yellow accessories. The point is to push the envelope by matching extremes together into a charming but daring combination.
  3. Accessorize with vigor. Accessories complement and dazzle any outfit combination. Layer it on with jewelry, ties, hair accessories, belts, gloves, socks and any other accent you can think of to spice up your look.
  4. Layer. Combining a variety of styles into a single look requires layering. Create the outfit by considering each layer and how they work together.
  5. Experiment with your look. The best part of this style is that it cannot be defined and it cannot be wrong. So try out some looks combining short Lolita style dresses or lingerie-inspired tops. Then mix in something sweet like knee socks or Mary Jane shoes for contrast. Every day you can change the look and still be in style. Just keep trying.
  6. Try playing dress-up with costumes. One aspect of Harajuku style is the ability to dress up like your favorite anime or manga character. This is not a requirement of the style, but you can have some fun with it. Research the character, then dress accordingly.
  7. Have fun. This style is all about fun and flair.  Let yours shine through your wardrobe by being creative and having a blast.

Harajuku style may seem like the wearer just opened the closet and grabbed one of everything regardless of color or design. But this view is incorrect. The style takes time and effort to create. Each wearer is displaying a unique style and look.


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