How To Dress Like a Rock Star

Dressing like a rock star if you feel like a rock star is as easy as pie. But even though you feel like it, you might still be running out of some bright ideas. Sometimes, people need something that will tickle their imagination so that finally, they’ll have this “aha!” moment. Dressing like a rock star is no difference. More than logic, you need a lot of creativity here.

Below are some great suggestions you can try to dress like a real rock star:

Copy a rock star style. What is a rock star for you? Everyone has his own idea of a rock star. Who is a real rock star for you? It can be Kurt Cobain, The Beatles, or Pink Floyd. Follow their clothing style and you will surely rock. You can find photos of them and copy what they worn in that picture. This is the easiest way to dress like a rock star especially if you’re running out of creativity.

Think rock. Rock star dress is like a rock—lifeless, hard, and sturdy. Your dress should be lifeless, hard, and sturdy, too. You can achieve that similar appeal by choosing the right colors. No colorful shirts, please. Black will surely rock to your dress. Other dead colors like grey and brown can make a great rock star outfit. Leather can represent being sturdy. Wearing leather jacket or leather bangles is ideal. You can also add chains for the hard appeal.

Messy is perfect. Have you seen a clean rock star? That boy-next-door or girl-next-door type? All rock stars share this same characteristic—being messy. They are messy with their things and even with their lives. They are also messy about their fashion. That is why ripped pants, faded shirts, and messy hair are in if you are a rock star. Why don’t you try to be messy? Ripped pants, faded shirt, tangled and uncombed hair, and dirty face with beard. That’s totally cool for a dress-up like a rock star.

Get roots from boots. Rock star wear boots. It can be a pair of black boots with chains and other silvery things. It can also be a plain brown leather boots. Any style for a pair of boots is okay as long as the color is dark and it’s not printed with fancy flowers or any girly stuff.

Better appeal when you accessorize. You can make a great statement if you use accessories to highlight your rock star look. Leather with silvery beads are fine but those with crystals, diamonds, or other precious stones are big no-nos.

Put a tat on. The rock star look will never be completed without a tat on. You don’t have to face the merciless needle, though. Simply stick on a temporary tattoo and you’re ready with a rock star look.

Musical instrument. You are a rock star, remember? So what instrument do you play? An electric guitar will be best for your outfit. But if you don’t want to bring a bulky thing, then better go with a pair of drumsticks.

Feel it. You are a rock star. Confidence, more than anything else, is the most important ingredient to perfect a rock star outfit. If you don’t feel like wearing that outfit, then you’d better go with your good old self and forget about rocking.


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